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Shocked At Sperm Count After This Many Cycles

I’m shocked at my sperm count after this many cycles of different orals and injectables (Primo only) as well as my dose of TRT (500mg test E weekly) over 3 years.

I thought I had given myself a free vasectomy, so to speak.

While my count and mobility is 1/4th to 1/2 of normal, respectively, and it only takes 1 swimmer to knock someone up, I still have the ability to.

While the doc said IVF would most likely be the only way it would happen, he couldn’t guarantee anything as I’m sure he’d be liable putting a number on it.

From what I read, I think I’m still ok.

That said, don’t be like me thinking you go to 0; you might, you might not.

On to a $1200 operation now… (better safe than sorry)

Test isn’t a reliable spermatogenesis inhibitor, literature shows to fully suppress spermatogenesis typically testosterone + a progestin is required, and even then complete suppression only occurs in somewhere between 90-99 percent of the populace given the drugs (although I’d assume it’s dose dependent, can’t imagine anyone having kids on like 300mg trest weekly (7a methyl 19 nortestosterone), 50mg/wk and it may be a different story

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So you’re saying drop the vasectomy idea and inject tren instead? :thinking:

I read a Chinese study where T (U) alone was pretty effective at 94.8%, comparing that with the very close 98% of condoms.


But I never realized that and had to revisit this chemical compound of a male birth control from UW:

It appears to be a testosterone and progestin combined.

I’m honestly waiting on seeing its anabolic:androgenic ratio over anything to be honest; and, if it has any performance enhancing qualities or if it’ll be banned from athletics etc. if approved. If so, the next var? I’ll hop on that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out.

Ye that’s dimethandrolone.

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