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Shock and Awe


Normally I just laugh at these kinds of self-defense sites. But this one was just so off the wall that I had to share.


Specifically, learn the "lineage" of his fighting art by reading the right hand side of the page.


...."After several years abroad, and training under everyone from the violent Arabian assassins in Egypt to the last remaining Samurai in Japan, Captain Chris ran into an old, grizzled WW2 vet in Britain and discovered what he was searching for..."

Damn...LOL!! Hustling to the max.


I don't even know where to begin.

Come on Sentoguy, I know you want to say something ; )


"He is a fomer military interrogator (trained to extract information from enemy combatants) and has black belts in 5 different martial artsâ??including karate, judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. "

I guess the remaining two aren't worth mentioning?


"Even though it costs $14,987.00 per lesson to learn this system in my private school... I have just "arranged" it so you can learn this advanced combat system in the privacy of your own home... FREE."

This guy must be richer than Bill Gates, he's charging 15 grand per lesson.


isn't this the smae thing as that TRS crap someone was talking about before?

i love how they always plug the spec ops units as using this stuff. wierd, all the SF guys i know study BJJ and MMA....


lol. points 2 and 3. adrenalin keeps you from performing any complex movement (2). we'll show you precise vulnerable spots of the body (3). this being a system that you learn in a weekend..... if you're so shitbrained you can't throw a jab anymore I think circling someone and attacking c5 of the spine or something is out of the question, especially for someone that never drills it.




He is also a fitness instructor, teaching a top-secret program developed by the Japanese government and never taught to Westerners except by him. http://www.15minutehell.com/


Oh wow. What are the chances of having five standout former HS athletes all at one table 15 years later?

Man, they were like the Skull and Bones of Awesomeness.

And then, even then, secret Japanese tricks come out!

How do these guys get away with this shit?


Corporate & Private Training
Captain Chris to date has consulted with and trained over 147 private military corporations, law enforcement agencies, security teams and high-risk individuals in advanced Close Combat Training.

Daily fees begin at $7,000 US per person per day (4 person & 2 day minimum) plus first class air
if outside the NY, NJ, CT area.
Expert certification and diploma in Close Combat is provided for those whom qualify.

For more information- please FAX your prospectus and group size to 732-234-5939 for consideration and to reserve a spot on the waiting list.



How did he find the last samurai and violent arabian assasins?


Probably a classified ad in the papers.

Although there's probably somewhere where mythical movie characters hang out... like a bar or something in a spot halfway to all their houses...


Whatever. I'll bet he's got a sweet ass white cloak and a dozen knives strapped to it, and I'll be he can jump off 4 story towers and land unhurt too. While stabbing those damn dirty crusaders in the back...Sign me up for that shit!


how the hell did he get on FOX NEWS though? lol
Pretty good marketing if you ask me.


Come on it's FOX NEWS


lol I never watch Fox News..all I know is that Fox news is a pretty big station.
I've never even SEEN Fox news and I know about it..that video on his site was the first time I ever witnessed Fox News.