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Shitty situation

Today and maybe tomorrow I am only alowed to eat white rice or bannanas due to a … stomach situation. Since I am not allowed to consume anything with protein which should I eat how much of it should I eat and when should I eat it? Do I still need to space it out should I still eat close to my caloric needs? I am afraid of all the carbs messing me up. Please help out. Thanks

Don’t sweat not eating protein for two days. I did the “protein cycling experiment” outlined in the wee days of T-Mag. I didn’t begin losing muscle mass until 11 days at sub 30 grams/day. After this time frame, you lose muscle fast! So just relax. Get your stomach fixed. It’ll mean a whole hellofalot more than that 1/16" of an inch you might lose from your arms.

So should I load up on the rice and bannanas to compensate or just take it easy on everything?

I had something similar happen to me in December. Had a disorder called gastrointestinal interitis (spelling?). Doc looked me in the eye and told me I couldn’t eat anything but jello, a little rice, and maybe, maybe some sliced turkey for 48-72 hours. I thought, oh shit, there goes all my gians. But seriously, don’t sweat it. I went 72 hours with only eating probably 20 grams of protein. I looked flat from throwing up and not being hydrated, but when I finally got back into the gym three days later, I picked up right where I left off.

dont sweat it. The longer i do this the more i realize that small things like this do not matter.

Not an ideal sitch, bro, and I feel for ya…but the more ya sweat it, probably the worse off you’ll make things…so, basically, eat what you can, when you can…I’ve had several tests and procedures recently that have required fasting (not the same time frame, but you get the idea) and it’s not fun, but don’t stray from the plan, don’t worry about it, and like my man Screel said, you’ll be back in the game soon enough, picking up right where you left off. Hope it’s nothing too serious and good luck.

Thanks for the support fellas