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Shitty SI Swimsuit Issue

Looking over the preview on the web, I can’t help but think that these women are just too goddamn skinny. They look like friggin’ 13 year old boys. Well, aside from the boobs n’ all.

Yes, aside from the boobs, I agree.

Thank you for saying that, Ike. I took a sneak peek and man, couldn’t believe at how skinny these chickies are. Yuck.

For the most part true.

But here are indeed some fine flesh left: Yamila Diaz-Rahi.

Ooo lah lah.

Most are too skinny, but Bridget Hall is the shizzlenizzle. That Marissa Miller chick is a bit of alright too. She’s modeled swimsuits for J Crew for a long time now, and she always looks fantastic – very natural.

I likes 'em skinny.

Yes, there were a handful of stand-outs, but I believe my thesis is still strong.


Answer this question in the privacy of your own mind. Would any of us turn down a roll in the hay with one of these girls?