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shitty 'bows


I got real shitty elbows that leave me doing skullcrushers with nominal weight, also I can't JM press which blows cause that excercise looks like a lot of fun. Is there anyway I can work on my triceps while at the same time taking a rehab route of some kind to allow me to later on skullcrush? Thanks in advance.


First of all, make an appointment with an ART practitioner in your area to get that problem addressed.

Second, avoid exercises that aggravate your triceps. Standing shoulder presses, weighted dips, and close grips bench presses will do more for your triceps than skull crushers anyway, so give those exercises a shot.

Mike Mahler


Skullcrushers have a rather notorious reputation as 'elbow fuckers.' The extreme range of motion tends to aggravate the ulnar nerve ('funny bone') and local tendons.



three (actualy four)things

A. maintain constant tension at the descent part. that will transfer the load from the joint to the muscle.
B. squeeze the triceps realy hard on the lockout.
C. mobility drills in the morning - elbow circles slow and controled, start with a small diameter, work up to maximum ROM and work up to 200 every morning.
(D. work on the forearm rotators and that will strengthen your elbow ligaments and improve its stability)