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Shit i want to see

  1. the t-mag classic: Much like an Arnuld classic with powerlifting fighting and a bodybuiling show for t-maggers only so we can sort out the walker from the talkers (I think im too far in the talking camp at the mo’)
    2)a photo of Ko (maybe doing a dl so we can sort out this 400lb nonsense) not so much to help him with his deadlift but to see what kind of bastard get a 'trish as a missus!
    3)Biotest actually sending their stuff to NZ so i can take it. Puhlease sort that nonsense out
    4)functional training article by Whetu. Keg-training. kegs are the new swiss ball and have much more use (altho the recessive overload might not work…mmm guiness…)

The last time I checked Biotest did ship to NZ.


I had the pleasure of meeting Ko, and he does deserve Pat as he’s in a great shape and a cutie and can cook! I ranked him 11 out of my manly man scale 1-10 (10 being perfect, anything over 10 making you demi-god) after I saw him deadlift and he made me the best omelette I ever had.



I hope Ko can still wear his baseball hat after reading my previous comment. LOL

yeah a t-mag classic would be bad ass!

A picture can never tell you why someone ‘deserves’ or ‘earned’ someone else.

They do ship to NZ but i dont think they are in any hurry…
4 weeks and counting for the Nutrition Plus order (so i have been told by the guys at this end) :frowning:

J-dawg: I never said he deserves her, he’s with her and good on him, bastard

Whetu, I got Tribex ex Netrition in a couple of weeks for about 2/3 of the cost here.

There are quite a few pics of Ko on here, usually doing strongman stuff. Check out some of Pat’s strongperper posts and you will see them.

I thought you would have had a No.5 being your mate Troy in the AB’s :slight_smile:

whetu - you can order biotest stuff from aussie website biotestedge.com.au though they have a very limited selection of supps.

The thing I’d like to see most Whetu, is for you stop talking shit and get your ass to the gym more!

Just jokes mate. For the benefit of the others on this board, I trained with Whetu last night, and he’s a pretty stong bugger. His back is probably his strongest point, but I think that’s from all the heavy plates of food his ladyfriend demands he bring her…:slight_smile: