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Shit from Friends?


Ok so lately ive been feeling a bit adventurous. Within the span of around a week, i smoked a good bit of weed, drank a little bit of alcohol, had my first makeout session, lied to many people about all the above, fucked around with lots of girls, and shit like that. Along with this, I got a lot of shit from some of the people who witnessed the acts or found out later from a friend. A significant bit of my friends are alright with all of it, theyre like whatever its your life, life it to the fullest, but then i have some friends that lecture me every single day about how its bad for me and stuff like that. They know i've been planning on drinking some more, smoking some more, and fucking around some more too, so they get even more mad.

The problem sometimes is that some of them that say this are the ones that have never tried the act they lectured me about. The one girl that drank alcohol was like whatever no biggie, but got mad about make out and weed. Another friend whose made out before got mad about alcohol and weed. Do u get what i mean? They seemed to only get mad about the stuff they hadn't experienced, and they automatically tried to put me down for it. I just dont know what to tell them anymore so i basically said fuck you.

The thing is, I've missed out on a lot of stuff in middle school becuase i was fat and insecure, so now when i finally had some time to just be a kid and do stupid stuff i was getting shit from everyone for it, especially my friends. I understand some of them just care, but still. What should I say to them? Am i doing wrong? Is it their fault?


are you 13years old?


turning 16 in october


Were you porking fat girls?


Naa first of all no porking, just flirting (see what i mean? its not even something bad and they were getting mad about it) and also theyre good looking girls too (no pics u pedophiles all around 15-16)

Edit: they got much more mad about the making out with the girl -.- like ferreals


Get your d*ck wet and dont worry about what others think or say.. If they virg's to then they just may be jealous that you gettin close... handle ya biz


ooook so if this is serious, here's my take. Try new things, I'm all for that. Just be careful you keep everything in balance, a little drinking and smoking won't kill you. It certainly won't help your fitness goals, even if it's every once in a while, but it shouldn't destroy them necessarily. You're single, flirt to your heart's content but realize that you are dealing with people here and not things. Everyone has feelings, so respect them. Don't be an ass because it will catch up to you in the end. Good luck.


dude...get to know as many girls as you can, either physically or emotionally. If you like to smoke weed, smoke weed, just don't let it take over your life. Same with alcohol. School is far more important then all this shit and if any of them get in the way of school, it is time to reconfigure your life.

People who have never smoked or drank do look down upon people that choose otherwise. Don't let it bother you, next time offer them a drink or pass them a puff. Just be smart about it, you are fucking young.

as far as your friends giving you shit for flirting and making out with girls...i don't understand this unless all of your friends are girls. If they are male friends they need to take some lessons from you, apparently.


True, but another thing that frustrates me is that if many other people did any of the above, they wouldnt say anything. If tomorrow i told them "oh little bob that lives down the lane smoked weed today and fucked a girl while he was high" they'd be like alright cool. But if i said the same thing, ohhhhhh man they'd bitch at me so hard.


yeah, they should read some TC.


Girls? Have fun, better do them all now than when your 40, married and with kids. Enjoy yourself and use protection.
Smoking and drinking? As long as it does not hinder your progress at the gym or at school, there are not much issue. If u don't start drinking and smoking at breakfast and keep it an occasional thing it should be ok.

As far as your 'current' friends are concerned, if you don't screw them other they don't have shit to say to you. Ok, they are allowed to worry but not too the point where they give you advices daily.


Well actually I have some friends that would:Get me FREE alcohol,free weed and older pussy(like 18-20)
I just dont go on drinking sprees because I don't want to...
anyways do what you like man ..and do some actual "fuck around" not just kissing and flirting...


I didn't read your whole post but yea... Get some fucking pussy dude!!! If you're a virgin loose that shit ASAP.. wear a condom..


Just out of curiousity....why the strong feelings on losing it ASAP?

I'd guess the OP is a virgin since he just had his first makeout session. Why rush it? I'm not one of those "wait til you're married" types, but at the same time I don't get why you think he should lose it as quickly as possible. Maybe I'm just old (24)... How old are you Elano?


I used to get shit from my friends when I was younger about not losing it right away. I would just point out the numerous times how the inconvenient things like... near pregnancy, next morning walk of shame, and possible STD's were enough to have me make wiser decisions than them. Do the do when you are ready, after all, it's your pecker.


I'm 22. I was pretty drunk when I wrote that LOL. It's not really rushing if the op wants to have sex, more like getting what he wants. I'm not going to get into details but loosing your virginity while you're young has it's benefits. I never understood waiting until marriage. Having sex is fun. Nothing wrong with it.

I just read his whole post. OP be careful, alcohol has ruined A LOT of people's lives. With that said, have fun dude, you're only in high school for a few more years.

STD's are pretty scary. I would say to the OP, don't be fucking random girls when you're drunk. It's best if you have a girlfriend.


That's EPHEBO-phile to you, boy.

Now pics or it didn't happen!


To the OP, read your own words again: "[...] lied to many people about all the above [...]"

I always thought a good guide in life is to avoid lying about yourself to others - or yourself for that matter. If you can't stand by your acts, then you may want to reconsider what you do. Growing up carries risks, and just because you're young doesn't mean you will be unaffected when delving into more and more 'adult' pursuits. Some of them may be harmless fun, some of them not at all. Part of becoming an adult is making informed choices, standing by them and facing the consequences.

Now go and figure out for yourself if you agree with your friends - but don't forget that it's your own gaze you can't hide from.



Back when I was 15 I would have definitely gotten on your case about smoking weed and drinking, but I would have high-fived you for the "make out" lol.

This is purely my opinion so hopefully no one is offended but, I don't think people your age should be having anything to do with alcohol or drugs. The guys I know who are alcoholics or pot heads are the guys who started early in high school. Those of us who drink/smoke casually and don't have any addiction issues were in general the ones who waited a few extra years, when peer pressure wasn't so much a factor, we just wanted to try something new.

I just think it's important to be mature enough when you do those things. You should do it because you want to experience something new, not because "all the cool kids do it" or you want to look like a bad ass etc etc.

If you decide to keep drinking/smoking just be careful. Everyone thinks that's the "cool" thing to do in High school and it can very quickly become a habit and then an addiction because you will keep doing those things to look cool infront of your peers.

Good luck man :wink:

P.S. Once again this is JMO so if anyone started smoking/drinking young and turned out just fine, more power to you!


Weed and women are perfectly fine activities to indulge in and fuck anybody that tells you otherwise. I myself am not too fond of the after-effects of alcohol, but it too can be quite enjoyable if you're responsible about it.

Why you give a shit about the opinions of your high school friends? Go live your life. Get really stoned and fuck lots of females. Don't get too into alcohol, because it can fuck you up. And don't use alcohol to fuck girls; that's scummy. And don't start smoking cigarettes like many young stoners do.