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Shirtless in the Gym


How many of you take your shirts off when working out at the local gym? There are a few guys at mine that within minutes of starting to work out they have to take their shits off.

Funny thing it, they are usually not in real workout type clothes, something like jeans, etc. Nor are they in any great shape, usually skinny so they have definition, which I guess they assume makes them look muscular.

There is no rule about it, but no matter how big or great I were to eventually look, I would feel funny about taking my shirt off, not out of imbarressment but more along the lines of being a little modest and humble.

I really respect the big guys I see, that come in in full sweats, knock out a hard workout, without a lot of fan-fare and chatting. They are always the ones that seam to be putting the muscle on.


I don't know... If I took off my shirt in the gym, I think there would be some stares.

Maybe my nipple jewelry would scare them.


I've honestly never seen a shirtless guy (or girl) in my gym. I think it would gross me out. Don't really want someone else's sweat on my back when I'm benching. However, I seldom see any guys benching - theyy're usually doing cable crossovers.


I have to ask, what purpose does taking a shirt have in a weight room? I can only come up with answers that have very little to do with progress... One exception comes to mind, I have trained outside with my shirt off and I felt that it gave me more of a mental edge. Sort of a primal instinct coming out.

I would say though, that I was training alone and I seriously doubt I would have the same effect with the extra attention, if it was public. Now if everyone trained with their shirts off and had enough mental maturity to not get distracted by comparisons, then I'm all for it, however that isn't going to happen so I say "Keep the f'ing shirts on.



Thats another thing, the sweat issue, but Im not to worried about that, as the ones with their shirts off, usually do a few reps, then spend most of the time admiring themselves in the mirrors or walking to the water fountain, so little time to work up any persperation.

Just wondering what the facination is with skinny guys to take their shirts off in the gym. I'd be embarrassed at 150lb and 5'7' no matter how ripped at was.


I don't care how great your physique is, the gym's not an appropriate place for walking around w/o a shirt. You want to show off at a public place? Go to a pool or beach.


Honestly, if it weren't against the rules at my college gym, I'd love to be able to work out shirtless. I'm definately in good shape, but certainly nothing exceptional. My shirt wouldn't be off for show, I just feel better working out that way. I don't like the feel of shirts when I'm excercising. I always play skins when I'm playing ball, and I always did all my outdoor conditioning work for football shirtless.

I'm more comfortable, and I guess that primal feel is what I get out of it. I just work a little bit harder. As is though, I have to wear something, so i'm usually in an a-shirt or something similar, so my arms aren't at all constricted by fabric. On the same token, I'm usually wearing boxer-briefs and shorter than normal shorts. I feel better about my range of motion, even though it may not make a real difference. And hell . . . half the Arnie pictures I see have him training shirtless; why not emulate the best?


Do you work out in a gay gym? those are really the only places I have ever heard of that will let you work out without wearing a shirt.


I've never seen anyone go shirtless in a public gym. In fact, every gym I've ever worked out at specifically requires proper gym attire including soft soled shoes and a shirt of some sort. If I saw someone working out with no shirt I'd assume they were a narcisistic wannabe. I might be wrong of course but that'd be my first impression.

I think it shows a profound lack of respect for the other gym patrons but then I'm a guy who always has a towel with me at the gym. A gallon jug of water and a clean towel and enough clothing to soak up the sweat and to avoid getting things pinched in the equipment.


Actually a country gym, with the owner being an old power lifter. In fact, they just had a meet there Sat.

I think the owner is just being a nice guy and doesn't want to hassle people.

Its not rampet by any means, its just always one or two guys here and there and again, usually the skinny guys.

I personnaly wear clothes that are functional for working out. Loose, able to absorb sweat, etc. No fancy colors, don't want to look like I'm wearing my pajamas to the gym.

Maybe some of the skinny guys feel that since they aren't big, their way of compensating or drawing attention is showing their definition. I don't know.

Although I find it happening more around the busy hours around 5 pm if there happens to be a few good lookers present and because of my schedule I end up working out around that time (although I avoid that time like the plague).


Exactly!!!! I wish they would post your words on a sign at the front door.


Next time they're in there working out, just take off your shirt and go behind them with a couple of dumbells to do curls. With every rep really grunt, give a loud raaaaaaaahhhhhh!! after you're done get up close to them and stare at their arms, then compliment them on their well defined bodies.

Bring a towel and ask them if they want you to dab the sweat off their pecs. After you're done with your workout, slap them on the ass and say,"good job guys, wanna go over to my place for a postworkout meal and a relaxing session in the hot tub?" Of course if they're down with all this I guess it sort of backfires on you, but at least then you'll have an explanation.


No one goes shirtless in my gym, and I'm glad (ok-there's a few women there we'd all like to see walking around shirtless). Really, there's no reason for it. It' ain't a pool party.


...aaahhh..er...slimjim, I will take your suggestion under consideration....


I would do it, but then all that baby oil would get everywhere.....


I was allowed to go shirtless at my college gym, but my last gym didn't allow me even though they didn't post any rules about it. More than half of its members were old people who I'm sure didn't like being reminded that they're not young anymore.

My current gym has posted rules, so I can respect that. The only time I'd go shirtless at the gym is if I forget to bring my tank top and don't want to do a upper body exercise with a t-shirt on. Watching my own muscles contract when looking at the mirror might distract me a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in a very humid city so when it gets hot in the streets or when I'm at the beach, I'm always the first man to go shirtless.


The only guys that go shirtless at my gym also don't wear shoes that stay on.

There's also the guy that always raises up his shirt so he can look at his abs. He tends to do this whnever I'm pacing between my sets of push-press, but I digress.

I wear either my POW! pajaas (the comic book sound effect) or some red workout pants. They're from wal-mart, were $5 and fit easily over my thighs whilst hugging my hips.


Yes, but do they lift and seperate?


I work out with my shirt off all the time. It's so motivating to see the horrified faces staring helplessly as I sweat my way through set after set of muscle-tearing lifts.

Seriosly though, whenever I see guys doing this, which isn't often at all, it gives me a little chuckle. I especially like that guy that wears the really loose shirt that is perfectly intact in the front, but is ripped all the way from the neck to almost the bottom. He then will hit the bench press, do 1 rep while screaming at the top of his lungs, and then walk to the water fountain to recooperate from entertaining the whole gym.

Some people have no shame. Others train!



You're damn right they do.


If it's a commercial gym, put some goddamn clothes on! If it's a jockstrap gym, do what the fuck you want.

Personally, I like seeing whatever it is I'm working on. Leg days got short shorts and T-shirts, upper body days got tight string tanks. Gee, wonder what I'm gonna do with the TBT?

OH, and there is a guy at one of the gyms that oils up. He looks like a walking advertisement for Astroglide or Crisco. It's so disgusting. He leaves a trail of grease behind him and the clean up grunts have to follow him around from machine to machine (yeah, machine to machine).