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Shirted Benching + Golfers Elbow

I have an old KK DD that I seem to have outgrown. The sleeves always seemed a little long and Rhodes and Dizenzo had me put one roll in the sleeves when I visisted them years back.

Now when I use the damn thing it seems like it’s causing me golfers elbow / tendonitus in the bend of the elbow (between forearm and bicep). The shirt fits ALOT tighter than when I first got it…I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same type of thing or whether this might be seperate from the shirt and I’m just looking for an easy mark?

It seems like when I’m not using the shirt, no problems…as soon as I’m in the shirt I’m in pain for many, many days afterwards. I never had this issue before when I was a little lighter.

I’m considering trying another shirt to see if it eliminates the pain but I was looking for some confirmation from some other lifters before I went down that road.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have a katana. I used to have wicked pains like you describe. I just iced it a lot and did a bunch of rev grip barbell curls, just a few sets of light stuff every other day. It went away and hasn’t bugged me for quite some time.

Hope this helps.

it does bro, thank you. I was hoping it was the tightness of the shirt and not my age catching up with me. I need to catch up with a bench specialist, maybe I can cut the sleeves back or something…I’d just hate to invest in another shirt but I’m kind of at a point where I’m not able to even train in it because after a set of light triples my elbows feel like they’ve been crushed into dust.


I personally would think that its not your shirt but your elbows are sore and in need of rest. I would invest in elbow sleeves before another shirt.

golfers elbow or tennis elbow? My pain is in the tendon on the inside side of my elbow…

I’ve noticed that a lot of it comes from how I set my shirt… if the seam sits right on it it’ll flare up, but if I get the shirt set just right I’ll feel okay.
I also get shin splints or something like that through my forearms… feels like the left one is being crushed and it takes me a second to let go of the bar after racking it.

I’ve talked to Luyando about it… he had the same problem… and he’s really good at helping guys get their bench together… all around great guy…

He said:

1st ice the hell out of it… freeze dixie cups full of water and do ice massages with them

2nd work your wrist roller to strengthen both sides of the forearm

3rd ice it more

4th work your hands using rubber bands around your fingers ( opening your hand against the resistance)… this last one was actually from Stanley T. ( I’ll never spell it right, sorry) who trains with Rob.

I got this when I was first handling over 600… then for 700… and now for 800… I’m working through it now, and I’m sure it’ll come back somewhere around 900

Good luck man. I know this sort of stuff really sucks.

[quote]theBarzeen wrote:
golfers elbow or tennis elbow? My pain is in the tendon on the inside side of my elbow…

From what I gathered, golfers is on the inside and tennis is on the outside.

Golfers: http://www.ptclinic.com/medlibrary/images/v2/a9a.gif
Tennis: http://c1-preview.prosites.com/71038/wy/images/tennis%20elbow%202.jpg

In any case, it’s on the inside. I’m figuring the shirt is just too much for me at this bodyweight…maybe I put a little size on my arms too. I’m kind of wondering if I can cut the sleeves back some but I’m a little apprehensive because the damn thing cost me a small fortune…

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try ice and the exercises.

I think you have it right… my physical therapist buddy also mentioned that it could be the ulnar nerve getting irritated, or even a ligament being torn when a super-tight shirt binds up and doesn’t let something move the way it should.

If you find something that works better than ice and forearm work let me know… this sucks.

I’ve been avoiding the shirt because at this point it’s counter-productive for me to be in it. I’m really leaning towards it just being the tightness of the shirt.

When I was in the USMC I once wore a pair of boots that were a little too tight for a 5 mile run…it wasn’t much of a problem during the run but afterwards my achilles tendon was causing me a ridiculous amount of pain…I honestly thought I ripped something.

The first doctor I seen prescribed Naproxen and told me to soak it in hot water…a week later the pain had not subsided. I went to see a different doctor and he said that the first doctor had it half right, cold water and NSAID’s.

I never wore those boots again and never experienced pain in that tendon any longer…

I’ll keep you posted. I’m checking with a few people who might be more knowledgeable on this topic.

I’ve been corresponding with Shawn Lattimer, and here’s what he had to say—hopefully it’s useful information to others:

I know that a shirt can be tightened up but unless there’s additional material somewhere I don’t think it’s possible to make the arms bigger…I emailed Ginny and Overkill just to check and Rudy Rosales came back with an incredible write-up (for Overkill Shirts / Polyester was shown in the picture) where you stick a deflated football into the sleeve and pump it up using an air compressor. He said to take your time and when you hear a thread pop, back off and repeat. I’m going to give this a shot.