Shiritaki Noodles and Keto

CKD to be specific, does anyone have an experience with these, no glucom. tab use, but actual noodle use.

while its only 1 net carb a serving, will eating a good amount of it when i really want pasta, or just a big bowl of something to eat thats not gonna knock me outta ketosis, work well?

it seems like a better replacement for Metamucil since i can actually put it towards a meal while Metamucil carbs are just standalone. and im thinking ill get better satiety out of it?

i have to order it online so if someones tried this in a VLC diet and its not worth it, id rather not have to go through that.

edit- ive read about the thyroid depression, im not looking to use it regularly, just if i havent got the chance during the day to get a good vege intake in.

tried it. it works. try to get the tofu version if only using sparingly. (better taste) - search under ‘low carb products’, years of responses from other low carbers

I’m buy them every now and then mix them into asian dishes.

I see your in California… you can buy them at Ralphs.