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Ship's Strength Log

So I decided to start a log to help keep my focus. I have picked 6 lifts, and I’m focusing on strength. The lifts, and my goals for them (by Thanksgiving) are as follows.

Deadlift - Goal of 315 lbs.
Incline Bench - Goal of 185 lbs.
Barbell Row - Goal of 205 lbs.
Squat - Goal of 245 lbs.
Chin-Up - Goal of BW + 50 lbs.
Military Press - Goal of 150 lbs.

I’m not going to log my diet, as my main focus is going to be eat more than I think I need, with an emphasis on getting enough protein. I might mix some cardio in here and there if I feel like it, and some accessory lifts as well. But these are my big 6.

It seems over simplified, and maybe it is, but I think simple has been proven to be equally as effective as some of the more complicated stuff out there.

First lift is tomorrow.

First lift was this morning:

Deadlift 255 lbs 4x4

Incline BP 135 lbs 4x4

Barbell Row 155 lbs 4x4

Wasn’t too challenging, but felt about right for the start. This will be a pretty high frequency program (lifting every other day) with an emphasis on upping the weight as often as possible. Sort of a spin-off on the SS method.

2nd lift this morning:

Squat 205 lbs 4x4
Military Press 105 lbs 4x4
Chin-Up BW + 25 lbs 4x4

Also a little easier than I thought, especially in the squats. This is encouraging though, because last week I couldn’t even get 225 for 3 reps without a major struggle, so 4x4 with 205 makes me feel a little better. Chin-ups will be tough.

3rd Lift yesterday afternoon:

Deadlift 4x4 - 255lbs

Incline Bench 4x4 - 155lbs

BB Row 4x4 - 160lbs

4th session tonight: felt pretty good.

Squat 4x4 - 215 lbs

Military Press 4x4 - 115 lbs

Chin up 4x4 - BW + 25 lbs

Session 5 last night:

Deadlift 4x4 265lbs

Incline Bench 4x4 175 lbs

Chin-Up 4x4 BW + 25 lbs

DB Pullover 3x8 60 lbs
DB Curls 3x8 20lbs (held in the contracted position while performing the rep with the other arm)

Overall, pretty good lift. I’m able to increase weight quite easily in the incline bench, which is encouraging, because I’ve never done much incline barbell until now, but it lags considerably behind my flat bench press. I moved chin-ups to deadlift day because putting BB rows and deadlifts on the same day was getting to be too much for my lower back considering the heavy weights.