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Shipping to Australia

Just a quick note to those Aussies thinking about ordering from the T-Nation store rather than the Australian distributors of Biotest products.

Placed an order for some Alpha Male and HOT-ROX Extreme last week from the T-Nation store. All received fine no probs from customs. Package was opened by customs but released with no hassles that was a package of 3xAM, 1X HRX and 1x ZMA.

Significantly cheaper than the Aus distributors once you order a number of items to account for the higher postage costs. Will definately use again.

Proably not cheaper for Metabolic Drive and heavier items but way cheaper for Alpha Male and HOT-ROX and other capsules based supplements.

Great service from Biotest. Received items in Australia 5 days after completing oreder, great work! and thanks for the Metabolic Drive protein bar that was thrown in, Rocky Road yum!



Thanks for that but I am surprised the Xtreme got through …

5 days is quick

What about some Flameout? That’s the only thing you can’t get here (I think) and it would be nice.

Might order some… if it doesn’t give fishy burp then it is worth its weight in gold.