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Shipping Steroids Help


My friend is going to mail me some steroids from Canada to Korea where I am. Are we going to get caught???Is it a good idea...need answer.. thanks


lol . . .

There's always a chance, you have no guarantees.


Kim Jong Il is going to lay the smack down if he catches you.


you guys still want no Steroid-cell? lol jk


put it in something like a dvd case if they're amps! And make sure he doesn't put his name or anything inside!!


Are steroids even illegal in Korea?

This thread is dumbness.


scribe each piece of product with a name ,address ,phone number, and date of birth. just incase they find it, maybe they will give it back.

Now I am not sure the legalities of gear in korea, but if I remember right I think they are legal there, so why ship from a country where they are regulated to a country where they are not?

that would be like shipping coke to coloumbia




Yeah going into Mexico our van got searched at the boarder and once more crossing through the different Mexican states.

But coming back we just sailed right through.

Good thing we didnt try to bring drugs INTO Mexico, oh damn that would be a mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

True story.


Gear is illegal in Korea.


Yes, you will get caught. I have noted your IP address and resulting info from a reverse IP lookup, and have forwarded it to both the Canadian and the Korean authorities.



Im pretty sure cocaine is illegal in Columbia, but I get your analogy.


My Colombian friend would be upset if I didn't correct that typo. lol


wow, I mean I like to respond to posts, but wow, just read the laws man, they're pretty straight forward when it comes to this stuff. That's kinda like asking, "hey, my buddy in Korea wants me to ship him a kilo of coke, are we going to get caught?

It's not a matter of if you are or if you aren't, that's a function of how creative you are, but rather are you ready to pay the consequences if you DO get caught...


Saying that you are planning to ship steroids out/in from canada is illegal under candian law.

Falls under the category of "intent to distribute".


its a bigger charge to supply than it is to recieve

keep that in mind


I swear members with 1 total post in their history, and joined the forum this month, and then ask about shipping methods, sources etc etc on the open forum (or via PM...which happens all the time)are either really fucking stupid individuals, or LE.


Probably just stupid. IMO it is a myth that LE regularly joins forums.


said the LE officer

jk :stuck_out_tongue:


Or both :slightly_smiling: