Shipping Rules in Sweden

Hi !
Just wanted to warn You all Swedish people ordering supplements after the new rules in Sweden.
You have to send a list of all ingreadiens in each suplement to “lakemedsverket” state medicalcontrol. Then they have to send a verification to FedEx for each diffrent suplement. If its ok to import or not.

I ordered 6 diffrent sups for the V-Diet. Flameout and HOT-ROX wasnt allowed.
So shippment goes back now and i have to reorder again whitout theses two. Will try to get the other two from somewhere in Europe instead.

So i loose the shipment costs and most of all all the time i have to put down on this now.
So dissapointing , i was so ready to go for the diet and now i have to wait at least 2 weeks more …

/ Daniel

Flameout wasn’t allowed??? I give fish oil to my 2 and 3 year old boys. What in the world would they be concerned about?