Shipping in Canada

You can have a lote of supplement shipped from the U.S to Canada. The Question is what is legal in the U.S might not be here in Canada, so how can I find out and what if I have something shipped that’s not leagle Like Annimal stak or something similar for instance what will hapen next? The reason I’M asking is I would like to start with Androsol +tribex and than move to mag 10. Will this go trough or not? Sorry for the weird question but I dont have money to lose that way.

I’ve had two shipments of Androsol and Tribex sent to me in Canada (via Fedex), and so far, no problem.

Check with your local Customs office.

Mag-10 went through fine. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you should check with your local customs agent. They might realize what Mag 10 is and start looking for it, then no one in Canada will be able to get it.

No prohormones (including Mag-10 or Androsol) are legal in Canada. Most people who order them from the US get them no problem. I think customs has bigger concerns than US over the counter supplements.

they must have had a problem with androsol the day my order came through. ordered it from and it got seized - that was about 6 months ago so it was pre september 11th and it was ordered for delivery to manitoba - not the infamous alberta. anyways maybe it had something to do with the fact that netrition labeled it as vitamins and said the retail value was $30 - im not sure if that gross lie set off the customs agent or what - but all i know is i got govt papers instead of androsol. last time i try that - i still miss my $117.

Hey John, I’m down here in Toronto and if you don’t mind me asking where you ordered your Androstenediol from cuz I’m having trouble finding a source to order it from to get shipped here… thanks in advance!

Ralph, I wouldn’t recommend you try ordering any prohormones for mail delivery from the US. Tribex shouldn’t be a problem, because it is legal for sale in Canada, as for Androsol and Mag-10, don’t take that risk unless your willing to potentially kiss your hard earned dough goodbye. From personal experience, I can safely say that all good pro shops have prohormones (mine has the entire Biotest line)in their backstore, ask for it and you’ll get it. Good luck.

Have you ever thought of ordering from within there are some pretty decent Canadian online supplement stores.

Uniko, any Canadian online supplements stores you know of?

Dirty Dawg, I placed both my Adrosol orders directly with Biotest.

Hey Alcatraz II - is one of, if not the best, online Canadian supplement retailer. check out their site, they have a great catalogue. I know GNC doesnt have everything you want but i find that its good for some supplements 2 have jsut opened here in mtl… so thats prettty cool

The Canadian site has Biotest at great prices .If you live in Halifax they have great back counter Biotest and fat burners .I get up there to stock up once per year on fat burners that I can’t get elsewhere .

Hey! Burger where is this in halifax I’m going there on vacation next month?
Also what do I say to get back of counter product? T.YOU!

I know where to get biotest products in the Halifax Metro area for cheaper than that site you posted. They are only like $3 - $5 dollars cheaper per biotest product. Also their other supps that go for big bucks at gnc are like $40 dollars cheaper for the same stuff and same amount.

YO Molsonman Where is this place exatly in Halifax and whats it called?

Hey Ralph , Life & Sport is on South Park near Inglis street ( but don’t blink) . They claim to match any local prices but I haven’t actually tried that yet (but if there is a lower spot I might) . I’ve got to know them a bit so I just ask for stuff I can’t find , I don’t know if that applies to everyone .

Thanks burger I will try them and let you know how it went.
The thing is I herd that tribex 500, zma and methoxy are a good stack or maybe for the money androsol would be better than those 3 combined? just liked to know and than I could ask for it at that store!