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Shipping Charges?

What you the shipping charges be to Hawaii? The checkout screen says free, but the small print implies that I have to charge my credit card and bite the bullet for shipping charges.

Personally, I would think/agree that there should be shipping charges to Hawaii, and other locations like Puerto Rico and Alaska. Special shipping methods are required, which cost more than standard ground shipments. Priority Mail going to these locations can be quite expensive…especially if the package is heavy and insured.

mail costs the same to send to HI because it is a STATE. UPS/FED EX is different though.

Actually when I order from netrition, they charge me 5 dollars for 3 bottles of tribex. For Fed Ex air it is about 30 dollars for the same thing. So figured I would take advantage of this special offer. If not, I’ll just use Netrition.

Exactly. FedEx / UPS is different. You cannot ship standard to Hawaii since it’s not part of the Continental United States. Trucks can’t swim or float. They have to go air. Which is why most places will send them Priority Mail, or Parcel Post, which costs more than standard ground.