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Shipping Biotest Supps to the UK

Has anybody tried using a mail forwarding company like Access USA (myus.com)?

It seems you could exploit the free domestic Fedex shipping and then take advantage of the suggested reduced duty and taxes on overseas shipments.

They will even consolidate multiple packages (thinking of combining it with a Greens + order).

Just trying to make the strong Pound go a little bit further.

Sounds interesting, especially with the exchange rate at nearly 2:1 at the moment.

It must be cheaper than the ridiculous price for Biotest supps in the UK from all the various resellers.

That sounds like a fantastic idea!

Seems like I’m getting screwed on shipping and taxes…

This would save me alot of money!

Anyone tried this with success?


Just wondering if anyone from the UK has tried this yet?

I’ve used FedEx several times for shipments to the UK. Even though the shipping charges are initially quite reasonable, they rubber dick you on ‘customs fees’ and ‘admin charges’.
I’ve had to pay over £15 for a couple of t- shirts valued at under $60. I dread to think what they would charge for a couple of containers of Surge.

The only trouble with using a forwarding company like Access USA is that they only offer priority shipping options: either FedEx or DHL. No economy options available.

This almost as expensive as getting the order shipped to the UK in the first place.
One container of Surge and one Flameout cost me around £20, and this was by DHL (the cheaper option).