Shipment Delayed, What to Do to Start Today?

Hi, my shipment was delayed until Wednesday, but I want to get a jump start. I have Metabolic Drive protein powder but need to know what is comparable to the Flameout that I can buy at the store…and the other supplements. or should I just start water, protein shakes and not worry about those supplements until Wednesday? Help! taking measurements today anyways, will post them when done. :slight_smile:

It probably wouldn’t hurt to just wait until Wednesday. There really are no substitutions that I could recommend that would be equivalent to Flameout and Superfood. (I’ve looked around and you’d basically have to take 3-5 times the dose of other stuff and still wouldn’t get all the benefits, like the CLA added to Flameout for example.) I don’t think you’ll get a deficiency in anything by delaying Superfood and Flameout for a couple of days if you’re hoppin’ to get started. Maybe get some healthy fats (omega-3s) and extra greens in your solid meal for the day.