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Shioami Training Help!


Hey everyone,

Been reading this site for a bit and I love it. Anyhow, I'm gettng serious about training and trying look good neekid! Anyway, Im looking for some advice, opnions, guidance.

Just wanted your guys? opinion on weather I should focus on Max Fat Loss, Max Muscle Gain or a combo of both. I just started following JB Precision Nutrition Plan and am currently eating around 2600 kcal/day, getting approx 1.5g/lbs of body weight of Protien, and am pretty close to about 1.25g/lbs of Carbs. As for my workout, im hittin? the gym 3x per, HIIT interval workouts (Sprints, Running Stairs) 3x a week. My stats are as follows:

Height: 5feet 6inch
Weight: 180lb
BF% : ~ 17-19 (Calipers 3-point measurement)
Age: 24

Biceps: 12.5 inches
Forearm: 11inches
Chest: 37.5 inches
Navel: 37 inches
Thigh: 25 inches
Hips: 41 inches

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!!


Here is a back shot!


How long have you actually been lifting weights? How much progress in strength have you made?


I am actually pretty new! I have been lifting inconsistently for less that a year. So as far as actual strenght gains is concerned little or not much.


Why have you not made progress in a year? How "inconsistent"?


In fact, let me make it clearer, you listed a routine that involved lifting 3 times a week and doing HIIT cardio 3 times a week. Is this just on paper or have you actually done this for weeks? What work have you done besides talk about it.

What you may be unaware of, is that talking about lifting if you don't really have the motivation to actually do it, will lead to anyone trying to give you advice wasting their time.


Looks alright. Follow that plan for three to six months and evaluate how it works for you. After a few solid months of eating this way you may want to decrease your carb intake. I really think getting over 200g of carbs daily is too much for someone with high bodyfat. Tough to say for sure though since I'm not sure WHEN you're getting them. Keep it to breakfast and PWO if you can. Run a search for the "beast evolves" article from a few years back. You might try carb cycling too.

Again, looks good on paper but you only get what you put in. Are you bustin' your ass or going through the motions? Big difference between the two. Same advice for this: follow the plan for a while (six or eight weeks), evaluate, and switch protocols. The advice I always give is to find a plan that you can stick with for the long term...real gains don't come quickly. Good luck.


Up your calories and be consistant with training. Just the change to a healthy diet and increased activity will help you lose fat without having to "diet"


Here goes

*pick a plan
*stick with it, max effort, max intensity
*hit the Free weights like a mad man
*BENCH<>SQUAT<>DEADLIFT.... make them your friends
*Stop being inconsistent<> Stick to a plan on days when you dont work out do low intensity cardio so you dont burn out
*Dont cheat yourself<>
*reasonable Goals

Good Luck
Get Strong


Hey guys!

Thanks for all your posts thus far. Professor x mentions a good point in that asking for advice and not using it would just be a waste of time for all who try to help. In response to that, I honestly am not here to waste anyones time, let alone knowledge.

I selected the plan i put forth yesterday, I am following Mike Mejia Home Grown Muscle Plan (Phase I - 8weeks). To make the first step i hit the gym today, heres my log:

Quad A (Circuit)

Barbell Squat
3x12 = 155lbs

Incline Bench Press (Dumbell)
3x12 = 55lbs

3x12 = 135lbs


Quad B (Circuit)


Dumbell Lunges
3x12 = 25lbs

** These drain me for some reason, im alway left huffing and puffing. No rest between legs

Cable Pulls
3x10 = 115lbs

Hanging Leg Raises

I intend to keeping on posting and keep everyone updated. I think that posting my pics up really had a mental effect on me i figure a) im gonna either look like a fool or b) im gonna get ripped. Of course im choosing B. Again any critiques comments suggestions critisism all welcome.