Shingles from Working Out?

I have a weird question: Has anyone – chickenpox survivors only, of course – had a shingles flare-up as a result of weightlifting?

I’ve come down with shingles numerous times over the last several months and cannot figure why. The doctor said shingles may be caused by a weakened immune system. I know there are studies showing that intense exercise can weaken the immune system; which, in turn, hampers the body’s ability to defend itself from infection.

Do you guys think there is causation here? Has anyone heard of or dealt with this?

I got shingles in my ear in January which caused nerve damage in the face and inner ear. Probably the worst place to get them. Shingles can also be caused by stress. I’m not sure what caused mine, but it could have been a combination of stress and I was coming down with a cold. Do you experience fatigue from the shingles? I have severe fatigue from mine.

I only got it once on my back and chest but I was extremely stressed when it happened, so my recommendations are to chill out, get some sun shine(Vitamin D for your immune system) and eat healthy to build up your immune system before stressing it to the point where you break out again.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ve been relaxing, for the most part, and I haven’t lifted in three days. It feels like the shingles are starting to settle down.

@ strungoutboy21 - Yes, with each breakout I was very tired and fatigued. Many nights I slept up to 12 hours.

Definately don’t push yourself past the fatigue or it will make it worse. It’s like a virus, you need to rest and recover while your immune system fights it off. I haven’t been able to really work out since January, it sucks.

I seem to think working out and shingles have a connection.

I started doing intense cardio and lifting weights very recently and soon afterwards developed fluid rashes on my left arm. doctor thinks its shingles…

maybe there is a connection? cant find any medical research on internet that can validate