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Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Thought I’d name my log after a song since others have done it. And besides this year I intend to shine, last year I was a bit lost, especially after my shoulder injury. So this is going to be a very, very beginners Oly lifting log (mixed in with a couple of other things), after a little prompting from Alexus. Also a lot of you seem to be juggling at least 2 types of activities/sports, which I’ve been trying to do as well (so far, so bad).

As corny as this sounds, it was kind of like love at first sight for me (and I usually don’t fall for that love-at-first-sight nonsense). I thought it looked like the most graceful thing one could do with a big ol bar and big ol plates. My first two sessions, I seemed to pick it up pretty well and that surprised me. I’m a bit of a klutz. It was then that I decided it was about time to really concentrate on just saying nice things to my body. I even decided to finally throw out my skinny clothes that I kept thinking I was going to fit back into.

I don’t have a lot of “proper” weight lifting experience, I have been working on strength training for a couple of years with the limited equipment that I have. It’s actually been quite frustrating, precarious inverted rows under the kitchen table, for example. But finally after a little health scare, I decided it was time to stop wasting my time and get some proper direction.

I was really only looking for a place to work on my squats and such, but wound up traipsing to a lifting club on an hour long bus journey twice a week, bleh. Not to mention my other hobby takes enough of my time.

So far I’ve worked on mainly snatching, some cleaning and just a little jerking (all sounds a little dirty). Even though I’ve only had about 8 sessions, it has been a roller coaster of a ride but each session I’ve learned a little more about myself.

I should be getting an official program today, just got my prehab program from their physio. Lots of weaknesses to work on and the physio says I’m not allowed to lift 25gk on the snatch again until my wrists get strengthened up. But really no hurry (says the practical part of me, my ego wants to get that weight up) as I’ve a few technique issues to overcome. Anyway I feel like I’ve nattered enough about myself, hope everyone is still awake after reading this.

yay, so happy you decided to join us :slight_smile:

i love pink floyd. went through a phase of collecting their albums but kinda bailed on the enterprise once i realized they had a whole heap and quite a few only had one or two songs that weren’t on their other albums…

i need to work on strengthening my wrists, too. will be interested to hear what rehab exercises you get for yours.

it is great that you have some coaching. i’m sure i’d have progressed a lot faster if i had some…

looking forward to following along.

This is great! Another newbie oly lifter. I look forward to following along.

I freaking love Pink Floyd! Saw them in concert twice back in my teens (1995), watched The Wall agagillion times, both sober and not, Meddle is one of my all time favorite albums, and I even have a pink Syd Barrett vinyl LP that I bought in the West Village when I was 13. So yeah…love Pink Floyd. Hardly listen to them these days though, funny how that goes.

YAY! Another Oly lifter! Can’t wait to follow along! And any friend of Alexus’ is a friend of mine :slight_smile:

Welcome! (to the machine?..) I’ll stop now.

Mmmm, had another good session.

Alexus, yep a big Pink Floyd fan. Well I’ve only been given one specific exercise for strengthening my wrists, and that’s using a bean can at home, basically doing forearm curls, braced on a counter letting the can roll down my fingers too, then the other way with my gripping the can. He said I could this at home, then we’ll go from there. Also he’s going to let me use wraps for just the last set on the snatches, just so I can have one set of heavy enough weight. But yes coaching does help, as I’ve stated I’m a klutz, no way I would do this by myself. But that is something to admire about being able to do it on your own too.

Sbmart2, glad I’ve found you gals, been kinda lonely with my new interest.

Mascherano, I saw them back in '94 myself. Yeah teens are ‘THE’ time when most get into music. If you ever read, ‘This is Your Brain on Music’, the author does a good job explaining why that is. I’m kinda a music snob, but a lot of music can be half association too. Besides I’m not snobby about anything else (I’m no house proud town mouse), I think we should be allowed at least one uppity interest in our lives.

Nice session tonight. I do have to say there is something about being fully recovered and rested that makes the snatches fun, instead of excruciating disappointment.

Ok got my new program, for the next 4 weeks. Its A/B alternate workouts like some of the ones I’ve done before. I only have time to go there twice a week.

Prehab is the following
(mainly for my unstable right hip, and to work on stabilizing my right scapula):
-Skater Lunges
-Bench Single Leg Squats
-Fwd Lunges holding a weight, with a core rotation on each lunge
-Band pull aparts (ensuring my wrist stays straight, tends to collapse)
-Band hugs (again making sure to keep wrists straight)

Workout B (we skipped A this week)

*Technique stuff 3 reps of 3 sets of:
-OH Squat
-Squat catch, or just snatch from hip hinge (he doesn’t want me to do both)
-Snatch pull from knee
We’re going to just go from above the knee for 4 weeks. But the last set I was allowed to wrap my left wrist so I could snatch 25kg.

-Cleans from knee, went up to 45kg.

*Plain strength
4 sets of 8 reps
-Backward lunges 12kg = (2)6 DB
-Bulgarian Squats 20kg = (2)10 DB

Seems I’m doomed to forever doing single leg strength exercises, really want to work on BB squat. Had to do single leg exercises on my own too because I’ve never had access to enough weight.

Ack, my coach is going on holidays next week, I’ve never worked with anyone else there, but guess I gotta let go of the apron strings, I’m sure it’ll be good for me.

Oof, it takes long to write all this.

strangely enough i don’t actually listen to pink floyd much now, either… i think it was largely part of a druggie phase for me… i’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like…

that wrist curl exercise sounds interesting. i will try and find some implement at the gym to play with.

do you get a women’s oly bar to play with? i think i’ve figured out a lot of my wrist instability was due to my hooking the bar fairly low down my fingers (where it was unstable with my wrist rolled back for the catch). trying to wrap my whole hand around it properly now. feels weird for pulling in particular, but much more stable for catching.

i should do more single leg work. starting to realize now how i have a tendency to lopsidedly squirm up heavy squats :-/

I’m going to try the wrist exercise today, but maybe a can of spinach would be more appropriate, heh.

Yes its a woman’s bar, but I get this pain on my thumb bone that between the web (hmm really have to learn some anatomy so I can describe body parts properly). But last week both my right & left wrists hurt from the 25kg, this week only the left.

Apparently I cork-screw up on the squats, now that it has been pointed out to me I can feel it.

[quote]minimaltechno wrote:
I’m no house proud town mouse


Ha ha charade you are.

The “music snob” comment was funny, I’ve said the EXACT same thing about myself!

cork-screw. yes, that is exactly what i do lol.
i hope your exercises help your wrists. i think that wrist wraps are supposed to help support that part of your hand but it makes sense to me to work on strengthening them rather than relying on the wraps to hold them together.
i agonized about getting a weightlifting belt for a while… then found some articles here that resulted in my deciding to hold off on that for as long as possible. for the same reason, basically.

ghump7, yes we all have our little idiosyncrasies, you just read my confession to one of my little secret ones.

Alexus, I did try the wrist exercise (and I did find a can of spinach). My wrists are actualy worse than I thought, they completely collapsed to one side when I curled the can, had to really concentrate to get it even. It’s a tiny bit painful. Can’t even do it properly without a can. I wonder how much of a problem they were before I started flipping bars over my head? I’d say there was an underlying weakness to begin with. Something to work on though.

Did nothing over the weekend. Wanted to get back into doing some sprinting this weekend but oh well. That time of month decided to come early. And my legs were so sore from Friday’s workout which doesn’t help at all with cramps. Anyway I put together a couple of yoga poses, mainly warrior poses concentrating on aligning the right side while stretching out the left. I might have to skip some downward facing dogs until my wrists get better.

I just noticed some have their stats on their log, guess I’d better conform.

70kg (oof!)
(I think I would feel a bit more comfortable 10 lbs less)

Squat - 69kg
I’ve never had my squat tested, but I did get a hold of a squat rack at a hotel I stayed in, without a spotter the most I was able to do was 8 reps of 69kg, which is why I’m eager to see how much I can really squat.

Deadlift - 95kg
Worked with a trainer for 6 weeks, was so close on the 100kg, but my main objective was to get my upper body strength back.

I totally agree on rested snatches. They suck really bad when you’re body is not running at 100%.

I just did the conversion from kg to lbs and you are pretty damn strong.

Have you ever tried dolfin pose in yoga? It’s like downward facing dog but you put your elbows down and rest on your forearms. It’s actually much harder than downwqrd facing dog imo, but it will save your wrists.


sbmart2, yeah I didn’t realise just how bad it could get when not rested. I had one session where I was falling over just on a empty bar.

ironcross, thanks! My upper body ain’t so strong but I’m working on that, but as they say “mass moves mass” and most of my mass is hips and ass. I screwed up my hip (again, but for the last time!) so kinda back to square one on a lot of things. Ah, and I forgot all about the dolphin pose, THANKS! I’ll incoporate it tonight.

nlmain, thanks for the welcome.

we are the same height. i’m 61.something kg’s and i think i’d be happier around 10 pounds more :slight_smile:
looks like under 63kg weightclass (as something to aim for), perhaps. though a couple people in my gym are trying to encourage me to aim higher since i’m tall (to fill out the levers, i think, because most people in the under 63kg weightclass are like 5’2 or something).

that is some good squatting and deadlifting!

lol. i still fall over with the empty bar. the stick is even worse… am starting to learn how much cumulative CNS fatigue totally fucks up snatching, though :frowning:

sorry to hear your hip isn’t doing so well. i have intermittent trouble with them, too.

Hey techno, we’re the same height and weight, and ditto on the 10lbs.
I find OH squats with even an empty Oly bar play havoc with my wrists.
Oly lifting is no joke. I did an oly workshop a few months back and even though we were mainly using plastic pipes and very light bars, I was bowled over by how bad the DOMS were the next day. I am, to be frank, middle-aged and broken so my mobility is a long way from optimum, so I find the Oly lifts extremely challenging. I have a bum hip as well (more of a bum bum, actually - I have piriformis syndrome) so I feel your frustration.
Anyway, what you’re doing looks good so far - good luck with it.

I just found I’m 5’7", ha!!

I’d LOVE to weigh 155-160…maybe again some day.

Don’t know jack about oly, but it’s still fun to follow progress!

Alexus, ok I’ll do a trade, you can have my extra 10lbs.

Hey Cal, a bum bum, eh? Yeah I’m finding Oly lifting no joke myself< I keep getting these highs and lows from it. My recovery has been pretty hard afterwards, gotta work on that.

Hey MiM, and fellow 5’7’er. Yeah I’ve kinda just given up on weighing a certain weight anymore, but I just feel a bit more sluggish with this extra 10 I gained. I’m not going to do any ‘dieting’ although I need to start eating a bit better especially since I’ve started this whole Oly thing now.

One thing I wanted to ask all of you, how do you maintain your log, respond to others on your log, read others’ logs, write on others logs AND are able to do some work? Is there a trick to all of this. I guess I’ll just get used to doing all this writing but…

Yesterday I skipped my lifting. I tried some new muesli and I don’t think it agreed with my stomach, or maybe it was my period or combination of both. Was a bit iffy and just didn’t want to take any chances by being stuck on a bus for an hour. Besides my usual coach wasn’t there and I guess I just wussed out. I did go home and make a nice big pot of freshly grated ginger tea and chamomile, although I’d rather have had a glass of wine.

I managed to realise something yesterday though, even though my period took me by surprise by coming early, it didn’t bother me emotionally at all. I think that was because I didn’t HAVE to do anything when it came. Didn’t HAVE to go to work, see anybody, go anywhere or was expected to do anything. I might try that next month, if I can.