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Shin Splints

or…somebody give me a gun so I can kill myself.

…seriously how does one keep from getting these shin splints and how does one make them go away? I stretch religiously and use ice. I think I got them from wearing the cheap-ass shoes they give us for free and I will go back to wearing the expensive ones I have. Also…how do I make them GO AWAY? I have a one track mind right now. They hurt so bad and make it so you cannot even skip lightly down a track. I started to warm up today and SKIPPING hurt!!! AAARRRGGHHHH if thy leg offends thee cut it off…but then no more track so I need plan B. I am in a lot of pain and it sucks when your body is willing to move but your legs are having their own little pain party. Any tips???

Do you by any chance have fallen arches? This can cause shin splints (among other things) over time due to the loss of the natural shock absorption properties of the foot. A podiatrist can spot it in a second and can then custom make an arch support for your feet. Please don’t kill yourself before looking into this further :slight_smile:

shin splints really suck. Rest is the only thing that ever worked for me.


have you done reverse toe raises. this excercise will help strengthen the tibialis anterior. Your calves are much stronger then that muscle and also tight so they pull on the tibialis thus causing the shin splints. I know the feeling. Have you tried doing alcohol rubs. Other runners used to recommend it to me. so keep stretching both ways and work on that tibialis strength. laters pk

After the soreness goes away, try strengthening your tibialis anterior with toe raises. Toe raises can be done by standing on a calf block, with dumbbells held between your feet, with dumbbells on your knees, with a barbell (smith machine works best for me) and a calf block, with an ankle strap & a low pulley or by suspending weights from your instep. You can also pay an arm and a leg for a DARD if the above methods don’t work.

Here’s a link to CW’s Outlaw Strength & Conditioning article with a picture of dumbbell toe raises (dumbbell dorsiflexion):


One of Don Alessi’s old articles also had pics of using an ankle strap and a low pulley for toe raises.

I always struggled with running and jogging.

If I ran too often I would develop shin splints. Once, before I knew what I now know about “weight loss”, I lost a lot of weight and then my legs could handle it.

Anyway, make sure you have good footwear to help absorb the shock and also make sure you plant your feet properly.