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Shin Splints

I squat 3 day/week (Mon - heavy, Wed - light, Fri - heavy) and also deadlift on Wednesdays.

On Tues/Thurs, I have gym class in school which consists of about 16 minutes warmup (7 min jog, 1 min walk, 7 min jog, 1 min walk).

On top of all this leg activity, I have gained about 10 lbs in the past 2 months or so.

So…while jogging in gym class today, I was getting a very painful soreness in my anterior shin muscles. I researched a little bit and this is supposedly very common among runners or those who use their lower body frequently.

Problem is, I have to jog pretty slowly to make it through the jog, and even so, its often in a huge amount of pain. My gym teacher thinks I’m not trying and is taking points off my grade. The real problem isn’t my cardiovascular strength for the jog - that’s easy. However, my shins are just KILLING me.

so unless I find out how to fix the problem, I might get a B in gym (if I get 8/10 points for every gym class). One obvious solution is to lift with legs 1x/week instead of 3. However I am making some nice gains on my current template and don’t want to change it for something like school gym class.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Is there some sort of deep tissue work I can do on my shins with a tennis ball?

Also, advice about the situation in general would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys

Explain your situation to your PE teacher?

Ice Heat Ice Heat Ice Heat

i don’t think it’s a matter of the weight on your shins. i think that actually jogging/running is the cause. when i first went to military school and we had to start running every day i deveoped really bad shin splints.

i tried everything: stretching, ice/heat, all that stuff. the thing that worked for me actually was changing running shoes. i wear mizuno’s and they freaking rock.

also, when you’re laying in bed just beforeyou go to sleep, stretch out the muscle that runs across your shin. point your toes away from you, then tryto curl your toes towards your knees, then draw the alphabet with your big toe. sounds stupid but helped me a lot.

Yeah its the jogging. Heaven forbid I ever do that again. Speak to your PE teacher and hope that he/she isn’t some narrow minded neardenthal that will tell you to try harder and ding your grade.

I was in Cross Country and the most common reason for shin splints was that retards wore converse while running like 4 miles.

If your not already wearing running shoes, wear them.

Other than that, ice and stretching.

Ice and tape.
there are taping techniques you can do
usually diagnolly.

really it might be that your not used to even jogging.
try newer shoes. maybe some with motion control

Mix deap heat with olive oil and massage it into the shins

Yeah, deepheat and oliveoil, then push into and down the splints in your shins.

Also, stop running on your toes so much, shin splints can be caused by too much pressure going through toe tendons.

Same could apply to your squatting, when squatting are you pushing through your heels?