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Shin Splints?

Hi, I first noticed this when we had to run the mile in school a week ago. By the third lap, my shins started burning a bit. Ever since then, my shins have hurt upon impact when I run.

I was playing basketball yesterday and it got worse.
I woke up today and just walking makes my left shin hurt.

Do I have shin splints or what?
Is it OK to go do legs in a few hours?
What do I do? I don’t really mind the pain, but I don’t want to make it worse.

Also, this may have started from squats.
I’d get this pain in my left shin at the bottom position when I squatted and sometimes a sharp tingling would shoot up my left foot, like a numbness.

I just ignored it… yeah, bad move I guess.

My squat form was bad then too. I was doing it with my knees out way past my toes and just recently learned the way to do it with the ass way out and back flatter so that the knees don’t move forward much.

I just got back from doing legs. The left leg doesn’t hurt when I step on it anymore, but I think I pulled my left Quad or whatever muscle is on the side of the leg instead.

Still, any advice appreciated…
This could also have been contributed to by football in gym, but we don’t even play tackle so it’s not like it’s that taxing.

I really don’t know what caused it. I’ve put on 50lbs in only a few months, so maybe my legs just aren’t used to it. It feels like ever step is more taxing than it used to be.

Nobody here has any advice to give on shin splints?

[quote]Artem wrote:
Nobody here has any advice to give on shin splints?[/quote]

Okay I’ll chime in…

Where “on your shin” does it hurt? On the inside of the shin bone? Outside on the muscle that runs up the side?

How often do you run? Steady state/HIIT, sports, etc?

Without knowing where the pain is, all I can say is ice after anything that could exert it, or if it’s hurting throughout the day, ice for 20 minutes every hour.

It could be mechanically how you run, it could be the 50lbs you’ve put on and your body adjusting, it could be a lot of things.

I suffered with shin splints for over 10 years. Tried everything, DARD work, massage, not working calves, rest, you name it. BUt the only thing that cured them was switching to anti shoes- Vibram Five Fingers and or Vivo Barefoots. The shoes are not cheap, VFFs = $80 and Vivos = over $100, but they work by god!