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Shin Splints and Oly Lifting

I’ve had shin splints for a long time now, however I can’t full clean more then 165 due to the pain now. Some of you might think I just need to suck it up, but I’ve tried for weeks, and it just gets worse. Should I take time off oly lifting and do the coal/phillipi deadlift cycle?

also on the deadlift cycle. I do BOR on my upper body days, and circuit training just isn’t going ot happen in my weightroom, too many people. are these going to be a big deal? I also have an erection for chins, is there going to be any real difference doing weighted chins instead of pulldowns. I know “don’t fuck with the program” but I’m just curious.

I’ll be hopefully doing a 405-455 pounds DL cycle would that make sense? Or is it to much improvement?

Right now I’d be set up like:

coan deadlif cycle

ME bench variation
military press
DB incline press
face pulls

close stance box squat

speed bench
dumbell bench
jerk press
DB row

What do you guys think, obvious assistanec lifts and percentages will be followed, this way I can keep the assistance lifts as is.