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Shin Splints and How to Deal with Them Long Term?

Hi there,

I am playing soccer and I had difficulties with shin splints the entire half season. I also had some minor calf injuries. Any ideas how to deal with these and prepare properly for the 2nd half of the season?

This week I started running again. Like taking it very easy with 15 mins threshold runs and 30 mins LISS and unfortunately it feels like I will have them again.

My experience with this was through Muay Thai.
Running and kicking.

Things that helped me aside from rest…

  1. New softer running shoes, more cushioning. Arch support.
  2. Ice baths - just flushing out the lower leg.
  3. Tiger Balm - massage it into the front of your shins before exercise. The numbing helps you proceed with training and I think the massage helps speed up recovery.
  4. Skipping instead of running - skip to build calf and tendon strength before over doing it.

Hope that helps.

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