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Shin Splint Prevention

Before I start of each workout, I’ll warm up by doing dynamic stretching, six minute cardio and light sets. I usually don’t use the treadmill that often, but when I did use it for a warm up for a lower body workout, I felt sore on my tibialis anterior area.

Once I finish using the treadmill, I continued with the dynamic stretching and with the light sets. The soreness will then go away and will not continue to bother me during, after or the following day. I finished ABBH I and I am currently doing ABBH II.

I am thinking that my calves have outgrown my tibialis anterior area and I am looking for an exercise that can help prevent a shin splint or any other advice.

I did use the search button, but chrismcl: Shin Splints vs. Stress Fractures and rock1356: Any Advice For Shin Splints?, did not really fit my situation. Something that I found that might help is an exercise called Dumbbell Dorsiflexion found in Designer Athletes by Mike Robertson.

Thanks for reading and any advice will be appreaciated.


A good static stretch for the front of your shins is to sit on the floor with your knees bent and with the tops of your feet under some heavy dumbells (or if you are at home, under the edge of a heavy sofa). Slowly slide you butt away from the dumbells while straightening your knees. You can rotate your toes inward or outward to change the stretch.


I’m not saying this will help or hinder your shin splints. Also I am not saying that static stretching is good for you.