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Shin Problem When Squatting

Okay, so I’ve been dealing with a pain in my left shin for a while, they aren’t shin splints, I doubt it’s any kind of stress fracture, and I thought it was ECS, but it doesn’t seem to fit the bill. The pain is located it seems where the patellar tendon is. I’ve been dealing with it for a long time and the pain got prgressively worse when I would do squats and leg presses. I took off after the pain got incredibly intense after one squatting session. I rested for roughly six weeks from any squatting or lower leg activities aside from deadlifts. The pain for the most part went away but then if I didn’t get enough sleep one day, it was back slightly.

I started squatting again, doing fine until I hit up box squats,
Right before I sat down with a heavy weight I felt a small pull and the pain shot through, I dropped down my weight and started doing sets of ten versus my usual Waterbury scheme. The pain was less but it still hurt, It hurts when I bend my knee or when I press against the area. Anyone know what the hell this could be, and how to get it to stop?

I’m understanding that the pain is at the very top front of the shin where the tendon attaches. Correct?

I’ve had pain there off and on for a while. I mostly attribute it to lingering tendonitis, but my pain is never noticable when lifting and very slight even when I try to cause it (for diagnostic purposes). I’m certain it would heal with a 2-3 week break, but I just don’t care enought to take that much time off.

However, if you rested it for a month and a half and then came back to severe pain like that, I would definately see a doctor. Not only is an injury usually considered chronic after that amount of time, but a sudden pain like you describe sounds like your leg more than likely suffered some trauma which would definately need professional care.

Trust me. Don’t fuck around with injuries, especially around your knee; they will bite you hard for a long time.


It sounds like it may be a cartilage issue. I played b-ball for many years and developed a problem in what I believe we are talking about the same area. I don’t know your age or atheletic backround, but I guess myadvice would be the same.

First, do go see a Dr. Pain lasting that long should be looked at.

Second, I have had great luck with glucosamine-chondroitin-msm type supps.

Third, begin or up your present dose of fish oils. Get some grease to those squeaky wheels.

Good luck