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Shin Pain

I back squat olympic style (back upright and ass to ground) and noticed a shearing pain in my left tibialis. It doesn’t hold me back from squatting, but it hurts. Is anyone familiar with this type of pain due to squats?

I was wondering that if you are squatting this deep, are your feet on a block or heels on 5lb plates?
I have found that with my clients, their hip flexibility is not sufficient to perform deep knee back squats and they rely on some dumbasses suggestion of putting plates under their heels. The result is a hypertonic tibialis anterior muscle. How to get rid of it? Acutely, try accupuncture in the tension points of the muscle. And if you are using plates under your feet get rid of them and work on your flexibility.

I get that too, except sometimes mine is so severe that I have to take time off. I found that either too much or too little calf work brings it on and that toe taps can help alleviate the pain and prevent it. More information from others would be appreciated.

I don’t put anything under my heels. This just started up 2 weeks ago during my squats (heavy). So for the past 2 weeks, it’s a nagging pain. When I performed that tibialis exercise off the lying leg curl (similar to toe raise), I get no pain. It’s just annoying and frustrating not knowing what exactly is causing it. Thanks for the comments/suggestions.

I don’t know if it feels just like a shin splint, but I had them terrible several years ago. Just running across a parking lot would cause terrible shin splints the next day. I cured them permanantly in one week by doing ankle curls. They work so well, I even bought a DARD to use at home. I really believe shin splints are caused by a muscle imbalance between the calf muscle and that small shin muscle. Try it!