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Shin Pain/Stretches/Massages?

I’ve been doing a lot of jump rope to lose fat and I went out and played a round of golf for the first time this season yesterday. Little did I know the course was over 7 miles with a lot of hills, and I walked it. My shins hurt pretty bad, and I’ve been googling shin stretches. I found the ones on exrx and some other ones, and what seems to work the best is kneeling then sitting back on my legs and just dragging my toes. I was wondering if anybody knew any really good ones?

Along those lines, anybody have any good remedies for shin pain; ie epsom salt soaks, massages for the shin, preventative exercises, mobility drills, etc.

I worked out today pretty hard, front squats, hang cleans, and split squats for lower body with some upper body exercises. I got a good warm up and stretch in before hand and felt good and strong throughout the workout. My shins are still sore though, and I’m going to have to sub my jump roping this week for another form of interval training which isn’t a problem. I’m hoping to work through this while taking minimal, if any, time off my training, so any advice is appreciated.