Shin Length Affecting Squat/DL Mechanics?

I’m 5ft 9in, and I have extremely short tibias (shins). Don’t know why - guess I was born with it. I’ve noticed that often if I sit next to a 4ft 11in woman (like in a church bench or something), I’ll have shorter shins than her even if she’s not wearing high heels.

Do strange proportions like this affect squat/deadlift mechanics? Everyone talks about femur length, with regards to squat and deadlift mechanics, but how does having short/long shins affect muscle recruitment and/or overall difficulty of the squat and the deadlift?


Haha, do you sit next to short women in church a lot? Short shins and short lower extremities in general help the deadlift, as the bar doesn’t have to travel as far to lockout. As for squats, it depends on how short your tibias are relative to your femurs and torso.

Did you lose your shins in WW II to Tojo like Cotton Hill?