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Shin and Leg Cramps at Night

Im posting this for my wife, She has been getting bad shin and thigh cramps at night when we get into bed.Her shins have pretty much allways bothered her at night but now it is moving up and affecting her thighs.She isnt overweight or anything so its not like a weight bearing thing she is petite.

So my question is wether she is lacking in something or does it have something to do with laying down since its only when we get into bed.

Thanks for any info.

Has she tried magnesium? That has always helped me.

[quote]Katiekate wrote:
Has she tried magnesium? That has always helped me.[/quote]

Ditto on that…cal-mag supplement will work wonders for cramps. If you can find the chelated version, it is absorbed by the body even better.

And if that does not solve the problem, try soft tissue work - foam rolling, maybe deep tissue massage.