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Shiites to Take Control of Iraq!

Bush should be pleased. He has done in a minmal amount of time (relativaly) what Iran couldn’t do in almost 10 years of war. He has given power over Iraq to the Shiites. Oh yeah, we all beeeleeive that Iran and its Ayatolla’s will not interfere with the country. Soon it will be open season on Sunnis and Kurds.

We’ll see. This isn’t a direct democracy, and I believe that the structure was built to keep a majority faction from completely dominating the government.

Much to Iran’s consternation, of course. They found out about the structure right about the time they started saber rattling on nuclear issues.

What a shame. The Sunnis have done such a fine job in Iraq.

They really are nice guys if you give them a chance.

In all seriousness these are the first battles in a long war to eliminate the horrible tyranny that has been prevalent in the Mid East for centuries.

Do we have the stomach to see it through? Should we just do nothing instead?

Only time will tell.