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Shiftit's Training Log

*get your foot in the gym even when tired
*no napping --> gym instead
*go to the gym even if it’s late at night
*never feel sorry for yourself
*plan awesome meals and awesome workouts
*work as hard as you can (work, family, and school) so you have more time to lift

Conquering your emotions…

From my experience, becoming big and strong is primarily a mental battle. In order to have discipline we have to be able to recognize and confront our emotions.

Thoughts and emotions which harm your goals are basically a weak, fat, lazy and pathetic version of yourself having a temper tantrum. If we want to achieve even a little bit of progress at the gym, we have to refuse and destroy these emotions in the various forms they will come:

  • “You need to rest because of the tendinitis in your forearms” (You can do something else or use a light weight)
  • “I am overwhelmed and anxious about the future; I am falling behind on all my errands”
  • “Even if I go to the gym tonight, I’m not gonna get much bigger or stronger in a single session. It’s hopeless.”
  • “Money problems!!!” (you can still lift, jerk)
  • “I haven’t been working out enough or eating enough and I’m just too busy. I give up.”
  • “You can’t squat today because your knees are funky” (You can do something else or use a light weight)
  • “I haven’t been following a routine. I don’t even know what I should be working on today.”
  • “I have too much homework. I can’t make it to the gym today.”
  • “It’s an off week.” (Train anyway, do something, bitch!)
  • “It’s too late at night.” or “I have to supervise at home.”
  • “I started training regularly too late. I should’ve started 10 years ago. I give up.”
  • “My back hurts–I’m just not feeling strong today.” (Take an advil and suck it up)
  • “I don’t want to see so and so at the gym.”
  • “I’m not dressed properly.”
  • “It’s finals week.” (Train anyway. Do or die.)
    *The gym is going to be too crowded today. I can’t get to the station I need."
  • “I’m embarrassed and discouraged by my lack of progress. It’s hopeless.”

There are certain exercises that I think I want to try to do more frequently… approximately 4 times per week…

Group 1
*glute bridges
*hamstring curls

Group 2
*farmer’s walks
*forearm wrist rollers

Group 3
*core work

Just when I felt like I was making a little progress… yikes!!! I hurt my elbows doing too many sets of farmers walks… I guess I have to suck it up and be optimistic and just continue doing whatever doesn’t hurt.