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Shifter's Keep Motivated Log

Hi Everyone.

This will be a log used by me to keep track of diet, workout, supplements pertaining to my training.

I have recently come back from being abroad for school and am trying to once again get serious about my weight training.

220 lbs
Unsure of maxes
16-17% bf

The boundaries of my training program are: exercise everyday and take off days as needed.

My current goal is to lose fat and maintain – hopefully even gain – on strength and mass.

I have been working out for last approx. 3 months on this training style.

Usually running a cycle of chest->back->shoulders->legs->cardio->chest…etc

Today was a back day:

Weight was 217lbs.

Yates Row - 135x15,185x8x2,185x10,135x15
Chinups - bwx6x3,bwx5
High row machine - 90x10x3 supersetted w/
Pulldown machine - 45x12x3
Low row machine - 70x10,55x15x3
Preacher curl w/ ezcurl bar - 60x12x2
Sit-ups on decline bench - bw+10x15x2,bw+10x10,bwx8 supersetted w/
DB hammer curls - 30x8,25x10x3

Shoulder day:

Weight: 215 lbs

DB bench press - 70x12x2,80x8,90x6
BB incline bench press - 135x8x3
Skullcrushers w/ ezcurl bar - 60x12x3 supersetted w/
CG bench w/ ezcurl bar - 60x12x3
Dips - bwx6,bwx7,bwx5
Machine side raises - 60x10x3 supersetted w/
DB Front raises - 20x10x3
Reverse pecdec - 120x12x3

Rest/Cardio Day:

5 km run