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Shift Work & Eating

Being a university student, I work two shifts a week for a bit of spending money and to keep the Ps happy. I’m a bartender, and therefore, my shifts are usually say from 7pm to 1am or 8pm to 2am. I get a break in the middle of this. Should I be eating in this break? Typically, I have my last meal of the day before I go to work (around 6 - 7pm). I’m thinking that it would be a better idea to take a drink bottle with a ready made shake and store it in the fridge, so I can have it during my break? If I should be eating at this time (around 10 - 11pm), should it be a carb/protein or protein/fat meal? Protein/fat shakes are pretty disgusting, especially when left in the fridge and then re-shaken after a few hours. Therefore, maybe a carb/protein meal? Help would be appreciated, because I don’t want my long drink-mixing and beer pulling shifts to become catabolic (despite the fact I’m cutting at the moment).

Big Bruva…I would definitely have something to eat/drink during your break. Whether it be a shake (could be pro/carb or pro/fat) or it could even be a meal. That’s an awful long time to go without food/protein. I just started working a job as a cashier at a grocery store, and my shifts are usually 6 hours with a break smack dab in the middle. I’ll take a food meal to eat during the break and also a shake to have right when I get to work or as soon as I can sneak off for a restroom break. I always follow the stand-by of eating every two to three hours.

WHats up fella…I’m in the same boat, i also go to school and work every night from 5-11…(i’m a supperviser at a Dell call center doing tech support, so if any of you t-men wanna call and mess with some techs, have at it) I eat all of my carb meals earily in the day then pack a something for my break. I also pre-make a pro shake with flax in it. it is not the best tasting stuff, but hell, after a while you will have trouble falling asleep at night if you don;t have you pro&flax. it kinda grows on ya

Whats up fellow booze slinger? I’m glad you get a break at your bar, I don’t. I try to eat a protein/carb meal before my shift and snack on MetRx Protein Plus bar about halfway thru ‘til I’m off. Keep slangin’. outlaw.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to tone down my work from two x eight hour shifts per week, to one x eight hour shift. This is for the sake of my studying, no other reason. I guess it won’t harm my muscles either :wink: