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Shifitng Meal Timing


im on a bulking diet and eat 5 clean, whole food meals a day, each meal 3,5h apart from next one

but what to do if i need to shift some meals sometimes?

say, I normally eat:

7.30 I meal
11.00 II meal
14.30 III meal
18.00 IV meal
21.00 V meal
23 -> sleep

but some days i have class between 8-12 (1 small break at 10). so what to do in such a case? simply eat II meal at 12.00 and dont bother or divide that meal and eat first half at 10 and 2nd at 12 ?

so generally speaking, it wont harm me if I sporadically eat some of my meals only 2,5h apart and another ones 4h apart?

sorry for my english


Dude, your post history shows a bad habit of over analyzing the smaller details. You really don't need to be worrying about some of this stuff.

Please explain to me how you could be harmed by eating an hour earlier or later than usual?

Serious question. Think it over and explain please.


Total calories and macros are way more important than meal timing


i used to whip out tupperwares of cold spaghetti in the middle of calculus class. sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do


X 1,000,000

Just get the food down and place a good amount of carbs around your workout.
One hour either way is trivial.