Shield+ Specialization

Hey Paul. I’ll start the shieldl phase again, this time I would like to focus on the traps and forearm.
I was also wondering if it would be possible to put the deadlif variation and squat on the same day so as not to force too much my low back, and work traps an forearm 2x a week.
I was thinking of setting up ike this :

day 1:

  1. leg curl
  2. squat (main lift)
  3. rack dead (main lift)
  4. some light glute exercise
  5. farmer walk ( Do you think it’s a good exercise for traps and forearm?)

day 2:

  1. incline bench (main lift)
  2. press behind neck
  3. lateral raise
  4. face pull
  5. 100reps front plate raise
  6. triceps

day 3:

  1. Hammer Strength low row
  2. chin up
  3. db shrug with 3s at top
  4. upright row
  5. biceps
  6. forearm (What exercise do you indicate?)

I like the farmer’s walk as a good trap and upperback developer but not for forearms. I also don’t like it there because it’s another high neurological output movement and high muscular output. So you’ve got three movements on day 1 that are high neural and muscular output. You’re going to be draggin ass for days after that day unless you’re just a rank beginner.

I would totally eliminate the FW from that day 1.

You’re doing 100 rep plate raises on day 2. That’s trap city if you’re really busting hump. Along with the face pulls that not a bad idea. But back to day 1…if you’re blasting the rack deads with bands you’ve got your bases covered. Trust me.

For forearms, I would go with 1-arm reverse cable curls (for real) for high reps with double rest/pause sets. So 15 to failure, then 20 second rest and go again…20 seconds rest and go again. Keep the reps high.

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I did this training this week, my traps agot very sore. Amazing forearms pump with 1 arm cable reverse. Do you think that 100 rep of wrist curl with a unweighte bar 1x a week works the same way it works for biceps ?

I don’t know, I’ve never done that. But you can try it and let me know. :slight_smile: