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Shield Phase Question

Forgive me if it’s already been answered, but for those of us who plan on running the Shield Phase indefinitely, how much weight are we supposed to add on to our main lifts after each 4 week cycle is completed? 5-10lbs after each cycle? Do you recommend switching the main lifts around i.e. incline BB bench to flat bench, conventional DL to trap bar? Thanks

If you can get 5-10 pounds of the 4 week cycles consistently then you’re gonna be REALLY freaking strong within a year…almost regardless of where you are now (barring that you’re not a total noob and weak as hell).

I like to switch main lifts and use a close variation so that each cycle there’s a high degree of transferring strength.

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Thank you for your response Paul. Are pause squats, and pause bench pressing good movements to rotate in for the main movements? Also, can I use straight legged deads and/or Romaninan deads as an accessory movement on squat day or would they be better off as the main exercise on the Pull day?

Totally works for the main movements! In fact, running the Shield phase many times over with pause squats and bench presses would be really ideal for building starting strength in a lift.

I like deficit stiff legs as a main movement for the “Deadlift variation” and they were my bread and butter deadlift support movement when I was competing.

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