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Shieko Results


Finished up my last week of the Shieko #29. This was highest in intensity I have done since my chest injury(which dwindled my strength in all lifts fairly quickly) on the job around 8 months before starting this program. Here are my before after stats:

Before program- 365/220/385

As of today- 395/240/405(all with still enough left in the tank)
Cons- Although there are tougher programs out there(like Coan/Phillipi and Smolov), it still caused some wrist pain near the 2nd week and on. I had to make sure I stretched and kept some Blue Heal on 'em everyday but after treating, they were fine. The only thing I really wasnt happy about was the lack of back work but it really isnt the point of the program.

Pros- More than happy with the results in that time span. Having an injury take your stats down like that is a huge bummer but this was a great start to get back on track. The first 2 weeks allowed me to get my form on all 3 lifts back in check and work up from there.

Other notes- Since the lack of any upper back work, I added in an extra day of some light vertical and horizontal movements(1 exercise each for about 10-15 reps) and added some GPP after. I dont like the idea of changing/adding in more to programs but I made an exception and kept it light. I have a long way to go to get back to normal but I look forward to the work. Feel free to ask any questions.


Congratulations on the good progress. Did you have any joint pains during the program? How much bw did you gain if any?


Thanks. Its nice to get gains going again. I started having some wrist issues around the 2-3rd week but with some stretching and menthol rub(Blue Heal), it went away fairly quickly. Didnt have any knee or hip issues at all. I didnt really gain any bw at all but its possible with this program. I know I put on some more muscle mass during it but with some fat loss, I ended up the same.