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Shid's 5/3/1


Decided finally to start a log here for the first time, I'll see if I can keep up with it.

Stats: 20 years old, 170 lbs, about 5'10, training for about 2 years but not seriously. Right now no real diet just taking Matt Rhodes diet advice and eat everything in sight.

Program: I am doing Wendler's 5/3/1 BBB with some great results in my opinion. Got a deload week next week to finish my 2nd wave. My rough starting numbers are
squat: 175x5 (terrible, I know)
bench: 225x1
Deadlift: 295x1
military press: 135x1
On my last sets this week my new maxes are:
squat: 180x9
bench: 185x10
military 115x6
Also up about 10 lbs started program at roughly 160.
Next Week is a deload than back to the grind.


Military Deload day
50,60,75x 5
side laterals
db side bends
Not alot of volume or heavy weights just going through the motions. All in all good day..


deadlift 110,135,155x5 felt real light can't wait to get back to heavier weights next week
abs 75 reps


Bench deload 85,95,115x5
pec deck 2x10
chins 3x8
db rows 3x15 60
curls 2x10 70 50x15
tri ext 3x10 60
easy day, just want to get back into moving something heavy again. no real comments


squat deload 85,95,115x5
walking lunges 70x2x10
leg curl 50x3x10
leg raises 10,10,8
My legs are weak as fuck, years of not working them sucks but got to start somewhere.


Just stay committed to training, man. It takes time and patience, but well worth the effort.


Military-- warm up, 85x5,95x5, 110x10 2 rep PR
military-- 75x2x10
Pull ups-- 6 sets of 5, 5 sets of 4=50 total reps
My shoulder was hurting this morning, hopefully just slept on it wrong but feels good now. Always feels good making PRs.


deadlift-- warm up, 180x5,210x5, 235x10... Had atleast 2 felt but around 8 or 9 it felt like something poped in the back of my head. Tried doing by BBB sets but the pain kept getting worse even only lifting 135 so did 50 reps of hanging leg raises and called it a day. idk if my head just hurts because I was pushing myself or not breathing right but nothing asprin can't find for now. Have to see if it happens again next week.


Bench-- 130x5,150x5,170x8
DB bench 55x5x15
db row- 55x10, 75x3x10, 80x10
BB curls- 70x10, 60x10, 50x15

Had atleast 3 or 4 reps left on the bench but got a really bad pain in the back of my head/neck so I stopped, Thought it was gunna kill the rest of my workout but it didn't get any worse so I kept going. Tomorrow is squats, I'm going to be sure to warm up real good before lifting and see if that helps any. Hope it stops so I can start pushing it again.


I was never a big believer in warming up ... but as I get older (30) the more I warm-up, stretch, and foam roll, the better I feel. I also do a lot more (prehab?) shoulder work for more balance.


I always "intend" to warm up real good but get to excited to get some weights moving but now everytime I touch something heavy my head is throbbing so now seems like the best time to start. Ordered a foam roller which should be here soon hopefully. Should be fun foam rolling in a comerical gym :slight_smile:


Thanks, in it for the long run and so far the gains keep coming. Legs are starting to catch up to the bench. I think I'll watch Death squat before my squats, I'm sure that will increase them by atleast 100lbs.


ha ha well you won't look any worse than when I foam roll. The only 'good' thing is that there is a separate warm-up room. I also made my own foam roller out of PVC pipe, bath towel, and duct tape.


The ONLY good thing about todays workout was seeing one of the hottest MILFs I've ever seen in my life.. Other than that, warmed up real good than went to hit the squats. With just the bar warming up after 8 reps the pain in my head came shooting back. Decided to try and keep going and maybe it would go away.

Got up to 130 lbs and 5 reps before it was throbbing to bad to do anymore. Pissed the fuck off I wasn't going to waste the day, did some light lunges and felt fine. Went back to squat and first fucking rep it came back. So basically did a bunch of light bullshit leg stuff today. Got 2 days off, if it doesn't get better next week I'm going to go to the doctor and make sure everything is ok. All I want to do is get in good fucking workouts again!


Hah! Should get some interesting looks, espically when I go back to school and workout in the school gym, but looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


I used to get a similar (from your description) head pain when I was younger (18-20) and working out. Now its non-existent since I became an old fart. At the time I thought it had to do with breathing and internal pressure ... like if you hold your breath for too long. They were like mini-migraines. Try taking some Aspirin or Motrin a little before you train ...?


Yeah I'm going to try that saturday and hope it works. On a side note bought Shelbys Macroguide book just so I have something general to follow and so far its no wonder I haven't been gaining weight, it kicked up all my food almost double. Think I'm going to do high days for the 4 training days and see how it goes from there.


Military-- 90x3, 100x3 115x8
chins-- 10x5


Are you sure that the 5/3/1 isn't too slow for you? I have similar numbers to you and I'm still making linear gains with Rippetoe.


Deadlift-- 195x3, 220x3, 250x4 again with many left but I'm a pussy about my head..
rest was just kinda bullshit, taking it easy so I can hopefully go all out next week.