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Shi**ing Blood After Leg Press


(Not Safe For Lunch)

I used the leg press machine for the first time in two years yesterday and today I've been shitting blood. It's there when I wipe, and also there is a streak of blood in my feces about half an inch wide running the entire length of my bowel movement. (Lovely, I know!)

I've been squatting for months without any issues and did only two sets on the leg press after some squats.

Two years ago I had a similar issue: leg press, shitting blood for a few days. I saw a doctor who said it was likely just a blood vessel and in any case not a problem.

After two years the bloody shit is back after one session.

My question is should I stop using the leg press machine entirely? I hate to do that since I like the control I have (I feel unstable doing squats and feel like I'm concentrating on balance and not working my muscles).

Can I prevent this from happening?

Should I be concerned?

I wasn't doing much weight at all and I felt fine the entire time.


The squat is a free weight exercise, it should trigger those core muscles for balance. With more experience with the squat your balance should also improve.

But you're shitting blood after the leg press... hammeroids? How is your breathing while leg pressing? Do you inhale when you let the weight down and exhale when pushing the weight back up?


It might be hemmeroids, but I've never had them before that I know of. Uggh, there is something about seeing the bowl turn pink with my own blood that just revolts me.

I wasn't inhaling on the way down or exhaling on the way back. I'm kind of rusty and wasn't really paying attention to my breathing.


Blood stains in your underwear? Get some Chipotle away......


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The most likely explanation is a ruptured vessel, like tatsu said, a hemorrhoid. Go visit your doctor. If you are a healthy person in general then this is the most likely cause, especially taking into account the massive amount of pressure created while leg pressing to cause such a rupture. Hemorrhoids, however, are not the only cause of blood-streaked stools, so as I said, go see you doctor.


That's nasty. I would definately stop using it. Personally, I hate the leg press and I don't use it. I don't like pushing my back against a chair.


I suggest you stop, blood loss is never good. Stick to squats and leg extensions


Is it dark blood..? Cos if it is go to see your doctor immediately...
On the other hand if it's bright red, you should still go see your doctor but it could be something as simple and bursting a vein in your anus as a result of pooping so much from eating.

Happened me for a while when I started lifting. I actually took it as a possible sign of testicular cancer and went to the doctor about it but there was nothing to worry about


Regular bright red blood.

This did happen before under nearly exact circumstances. I saw a doctor then and he said it was nothing to worry about.

I guess leg press is out for me.



Im no doc but i have been fighting hemeroids(spelling) for a few years now

Alot of what you say sounds like hemmeroids.

Theres no "nice" way to say this so ill just say it as it is for me.

When doing leg presses/squats and other big movements that i create a pushing feeling from inside down towrads my anus, the ones where a fart thats right at "the edge" will escape by mistake sometimes, coupled with the posture that encourages them to escape, the posture similar to sitting on the loo.

i must keep focus on keeping my a$$ tight or my hemmies pop out and get aggrevated, mine are level two and can come out of my body, sometimes i need to put them back in, (lovely though they, just giving you the story so you can avoid it). You probably are not that advanced yet as you will know when they out there.

MIne started with constipation. First sign was blood dripping in the bowl and all the symptoms you describe.

Do you get any sharp pains in the anus sometimes randomly in the day?
Are you constipated?
DO you sometimes feel like you need to poo but theres nothing coming out no matter how hard you push?
Do you sit for long on the loo, reading for example?

Go to a doc and let him check , its not as bad as i thought it would be, the checkup, i imagined big anal probes and it was not too invasive.

You know what hemmies are right?

But you gotta go to the doc dude, and Id say go straight to a proctologist(rectal doc), not a GP.
Seeing as you put it up here i guesse you not too shy about it, i was and delayed going for long and they got worse, had i gone sooner they would be much easier to control. But i gave up being shy/embarresed about them, i talk openly about it now.

Ive had them removed eventually but they come back!
Theres various ways of treating them depending on how advanced they are, some quite painfull some not at all so its best to go before it gets worse.

There are some risks involved with having them, so its best to get professional advice and i`d say do it ASAP. Even. if just for peace of mind

hope i helped a bit


whiplash, thank you for the detailed response.

Do you get any sharp pains in the anus sometimes randomly in the day?
Are you constipated?
DO you sometimes feel like you need to poo but theres nothing coming out no matter how hard you push?
Do you sit for long on the loo, reading for example?

The answer to all of these is no. I've had pretty regular movements with no issues. It literally was the same day I did leg press - for the first time in years - I started passing blood. It's trailing off, but yesterday there was still some small amount of blood in my stool.

The same thing happened a few years ago to me under the same circumstances. I remember sitting on the toilet in near tears because the bowl looked like it an axe murder scene and I though I was dying. I had gone to a procotologist after that, and after an intrusive exam (where they knock you out and shove a cam up there) he shrugged his shoulders and said it was probably hemmroids but he didn't see any real damage.

The appointment was a few weeks after the initial bleeding and it had ceased to bleed by then. I had also stopped leg pressing at that point.

Thanks again for the helpful post!


If it is a hemorrhoids I have just the thing for people use. It is called alum.
You can find this in a oriental grocery store. Take it and put some in a mason jar. Then poor hot water in the jar and shake it every so often for a few hours. Then take a cake pan that your ass will fit in and head to the bath tub. Put the cake pan in the tub and fill it with hot water. Then open the jar and put 2 tablespoons of the stuff in the cake pan and swirl it around. then sit your ass in the cake pan and rub it around your anus or where the hemorrhoids is.

This will within 10 min take the pain away and make it start to shrink. And with doing this for a few days at least 3 times a day will get rid of the hemorrhoids.

I have done this and it works like a charm.


bro go get checked out again. (by a different doctor!)


eat more apples, for the fiber!


um.... thats fucked.


Follow up: On the 3/5 I saw a doctor about shitting blood.

She concluded there was a hemmroid that had broken and that's what was causing the bloody stool. The pain I was feeling was the ripping of the hemmroid when I was passing my bowels. Anyway, she didn't think it was a big deal , and gave me a perscription for some cream to rub on there internally.

But yesterday I did front squats and later that night it was Omaha Beach in the toilet bowl again. FFFFFUUUUU....

Still not healed yet.


don't sweat it man. i've got one too. only happens when i hit a max effort lift. it'll heal in time. don't max out or go too heavy for a little bit and you'll be fine.

doesn't sound like anything out of the TOO ordinary for a dude who lifts heavy.


B rock, I'm glad that it's not so unusual. It's just so gross, you know?

The latest sick twist: bloody streaks on my boxers - my ass is literally an open bloody wound... FFFFFUUUUU

So damned embarassing


scared the HELL out of me the first time it happened....haha.

definitely lay off whatever is causing it and up the fiber ; enough so you dont have to push much when taking a dump .