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Shhh! Be Still a Moment...

Shhh! Be still a second?.

Feel that? That THING moving in your blood along with your heartbeat?
That?s STRENGTH. You haven?t felt it in a long time. You?ve been going through the motions. Push the weight?.pull the weight. Lift the weight. You?ve been doing it, but getting nowhere. Not really.

But now. For whatever reason. However it?s happened. Suddenly it?s easier. You don?t know why, you don?t know how, but you?re pushing that iron harder than you have for months. That same old weight ? that same sticking point ? is gone. More reps, easier breathing ? the works!

Your mind is different too. You?re happier to be under the iron ? now that you?re bending it to your will and not the other way ?round. When you?re done, you look around for more. It ended so suddenly that can?t be it for the day! One more set?.one more rep?..one more lift.

The feeling is so good that if you could?you?d do gear. You won?t, but if you could?you?d be tempted. You want that feeling to never end ? the enthusiasm, the strength. Pushing the envelope until is bursts open in a flurry of muscle and sweat. Oh yeah.

Shhh! Be still. Be silent. Feel that? That?s a new max coming soon. Very soon. Savor it, nurture it. The blow through the damn thing with a roar!

Great post man. Not much beats the feeling you get when you totally destroy your expectations of how strong you are. Its really all in your mindset. I was stuck benching 250 for months and then one day i was so fired up i forced myself to do 6 reps with 250. The confidence from that one set motivated me to push my limits every workout.Im truly addicted to lifting.

I enjoy reading this description. It’s nice. Here’s my thoughts for today.

A Quiet Silence
As I take my 3 mile stroll around a scenic lake, I ponder at how someone could bench 800lbs or 600lbs.
What possesses a person to do this,
this never ending search for pure, brute strength
Human beings are forever trying to do the unimaginable. A mystery and a wonder.
Breathing in and breathing out as I ambled along during a beautiful sunset.

My inspiration I caught a BAD cae of pneumonia in June. Got rid of it in a month but I couldn’t train I was back lifting for a week and caught BAD staph infection. OUt another month and couldn’t train. Sine then it’s been 4 days a week, but lackluster, and my energy was so low I had to descrease to 60-75% of what I was doing in May.


This week has FINALLY seen me regaining some energy and drive. Now I just gotta slam it into overdrive!

Suddenly my heart beats different and I know that somehow, it be less painful than before. It’s an amazing difference.