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Shffl's Training Log

Hey guys,

I decided to start a log. I’ve been training for a while but only began training seriously since last summer. I started out 160lb and got up to 200lb. Of course, it wasn’t all muscle mass. For the past few weeks I’ve been dieting down and so far progress is good. Just 2-3 more weeks and I should be done. I made the biggest gain when I was training under DC protocols. That training program is without a doubt one of the best and done properly can bring anyone to a whole new level.

I started off my cutting phase with CW’s 10x3 FFL. It was a great program and after a week i could already notice changes. But, I am just not the 10x3 kind of person, i got bored easily so i had to switch things up. Now i’m training similar to ws4sb by defranco and upping my cardio and the amount of fat im losing is amazing! Not to mention, my strength is slowly going up as well!

My stats:
Weight: 177lb
Height: 5’ 9"

1RM Bench: 245lb
5RM Deadlift: 345lb
3RM Squat: 315lb
5RM Military Press: 135lb

i don’t have the 1rm for the other lifts because ive never really done it.

Well, I’ve mentioned my current training, so now comes the diet.

Diet is simple. Caloric deficiency, protein every meal, carb during breakfast/pwo, healthy fat every meal, tons and tons of veggiesm and uhm yea thats it (healthy food choices of course)

Supplements, the usual:
protein (whey and casein)
fish oil

My long term plan:

so right now im cutting, 2-3 weeks from now i will end up and maintain for roughly 2-3 weeks. after that, its full on bulking again for me (dream goal is AT LEAST 220lb lean)

short term goal for lifts:
1RM bench: 275lb
1RM Squat: 365lb
1RM Deadlift: 405lb

Oh, and i guess a bit about myself.

Im currently pursuing a bachelors of science in biochemistry. i plan on going for master degree in nutrition/dietetic after then become a RD (registered dietician) and work as that while at the same time as a personal trainer (plan on getting CSCS as well). Depending on situation, ill most likely pursue a PhD in nutrition as well. One day I want to start my own gym !

today was my off day

anyway, i noticed my foot placement is retarded when i squat. left points forward right points slightly to the right (same thing happens when i walk) so this led me to believe that my hip is probably rotated externally along with weak gluteus medius and adductors (which probably explains why my knee caves when i squat).

after some research, i believe training my gluteus medius as well as my adductors will remedy this problem and greatly improve my squat! to do this, i have the mini bands from elitefts that i will put to us.

by looping it around my knees, i will perform lateral walk with it on and try to force my knees as far out as possible in the squat position (parallel).

i just did it and wow i felt soreness and burn coming from parts of my leg and glute that i never felt before! i will be doing them during non-training days and hopefully fix it soon!

good luck!

Sounds like you have a solid plan (not just for lifting but for life). Good luck!!

rack pulls
1x10 @ 135lb
1x5 @ 185lb
1x5 @ 225lb
1x5 @ 275lb
1x4 @ 295lb
1x4 @ 315lb
1x2 @ 335lb
1x1 @ 345lb

1x10 @ 135lb
1x10 @ 185lb
1x8 @ 225lb
1x5 @ 275lb
1x3 @ 295lb
1x5 @ 315lb
1x1 @ 355lb pr!
1x10 @ 225lb

yay for progression!

the 5th rep of 315lb was VERY hard.

db split squat
1x14 @ 25lb db/hand
3x12 @ 25lb db/hand

4x12 @ 30lb db/hand

so hard so hard so hard left leg died at 3rd set, had to take a deep breathe after every rep lol

reverse hypers
4x10 @ 30lb

3x12 @ 40lb

SO HEAVY and hard…

misc ab work
3x15 leg raises
3x12 hanging knee raises

weighed in at 175lb! not bad, more weight loss despite the increase in solid food intake.

=0 cheat meal yesterday!

clam, squad, and a 4.5lb lobster! all to me and my gf. couldnt finish that giant lobster, eating it today rofls

didnt workout yesterday, will do so right now.

bench press
1x16 @ 135lb
1x14 @ 135lb
1x12 @ 135lb

3x15 @ 135lb

yay for progression! time to add an extra set

db flyes
3x10 @ 25lb


chin ups
1x6 @ bw
2x5 @ bw
1x4 @ bw

2x6 @ bw
1x5 @ bw
1x4 @ bw

my pulling str sucks damnit

pull up negatives
3x15s @ bw

3x20s @ bw

wtf so hard

db front raise
3x12 @ 25lb

1x15 @ 25lb
1x13 @ 25lb
1x12 @ 25lb

standing db military press
1x10 @ 35lb
1x6 @ 40lb
1x8 @ 35lb
1x5 @ 40lb

1x10 @ 35lb
1x8@ 40lb
1x9 @ 35lb
1x5 @ 40lb

finally some damn progression

bb shrug
3x15 @ 110lb + bar

3x12 @ 130lb + bar

ss with

ez curl
3x10 @ 50lb + bar

3x10 @ 50lb + bar

still cant progress in this pos exercise. i decided next week i will do rp instead of straight sets

fat bar reverse curl
2x12 @ 30lb + bar


i can feel my forearm is fried from the shrugs and curls already.

swimming later, couldnt stay longer for cardio, dont want another parking ticket.

leg press
1x10 @ 180lb
1x8 @ 270lb
1x8 @ 360lb
1x6 @ 450lb
3x5 @ 540lb

1x10 @ 180lb
1x10 @ 270lb
1x8 @ 360lb
1x8 @ 450lb
3x6 @ 540lb

yay for progression!

BB Lunges
2x12 @ 95lb
2x10 @ 105lb

1x12 @ 95lb
3x12 @ 105lb

fuck, lunges are SO HARD. its hella endurance demanding too. 12 reps each leg total 24 reps, i think i run outta breathe b4 my leg dies, though they still die after 2nd set. i always sweat like a pig after this one

good morning
1x15 @ 105lb
3x12 @ 115lb

4x15 @ 115lb

nice and easy, not bad

standing cable ab crunch
1x15 @ 70lb
3x12 @ 80lb


15min steady cardio

drank my pwo, rested 15min

went to an hour of yoga session with my gf. regretted it. i was dying when it required lower body str because my legs were destroyed. and damn, for a gym rat my flexibility sure owned more than half the yoga class, but some ppl are so flexible its like O_O

weigh in at 176 today