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She's Small, Strong and World Champ

[u]Bodybuilding: She s small, strong and a world champion![/u]
Auckland based body builder Jo Stewart has done something no other kiwi female has achieved.

Two weeks ago she won an International Federation of Body Building World title.

Now she has her sights set on an even more prestigious prize.

The successful personal trainer and aerobics instructor is now a world champion.

Stewart out muscled 22 competitors to win the world masters bodybuilding title in Budapest in the open category, and weighing just 55 kilograms.

The tiny 47-year-old proved that big is not always the best.

�??I kind of always dreamed about getting first. But never dreamt a hundred percent that that was going to happen, I couldn’t believe it, I kept on waiting for them to say they had got the placings wrong,�?? Stewart says.

Mark Stewart doubles as Jo’s husband and trainer.

As her husband he is proud, as her trainer - there is no time to reflect on past glory.

Jo is about to compete at one of most prestigious events in the world - the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic in the United States.

The competition is by invitation only, and it is only three months away.

�??I just didn’t know it would be this close. He’s not going to let me have Christmas dinner now, and he is going to have me out running on Christmas Day or something,�?? Stewart predicts.

The Christmas season may not be as festive for Jo Stewart but she intends to make it all worth it come next March.

Daaaaammmmn! Pass the Kiwi!

wut about teh wheels ???

So how tall is she and how much does she weigh?

She’s 47?!! Respect!