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She's got under the pec implants!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and found out she had breast implants. I was very suprised because we’ve been to many of the same pool parties and she’s really lean - I never, ever, would have thought she had them. She said that no one can tell she has implants because they are under her pec muscle. First off - I didn’t know they ever put them under there, second - ouch, and third - can she still weight train her chest? Anyone know? I was trying to get her into the sport and that is how I found out about her implants. She’s had them for one year.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about getting implants for myself. I figure I’ll get them on my arm so when I get frustrated at work I can reach over and play with them for a while. Ahhh, now that spells relief!

That was not a mental image I wanted - thank you very much. You’re a sick bastard :slight_smile:

Yep. I’ve commented in this in other threads, that the “under the muscle” implants tend to give a more natural look, but (if I remember right) they tend to interfere more with pec strength. I don’t know if the strength thing is permanent, or just an adaptation issue. It’s a less common practice, since I think it takes more skill on the part of the surgeon.

I am not a fan of under the pec. It never seemed natural looking to me.

Sorry. That was pretty warped.

Ironbabe, in spite of Big Dave’s impression, you’re own impressions answer the “natural look” question. There’s a female “model” out there who calls herself “Pec Panther”. I think she did the under-the-muscle implants, at the extreme end, and doesn’t look quite natural, but it also doesn’t look like added-on coconuts. She has her own website, just search under Pec Panther.

So it doesn’t matter then? Cool, we’ll hit the gym!!! Thanks for the input.

Ummmmm, ahemmmm, say Ironbabe, you a errr forgot to tell us the most important thing. How do they feel? Isn’t that the real, ummmmm, test?

A good plastic surgeon will not give you implants under the muscle if you have muscular pecs, and he will advise you not to train your pecs if you do get said implants. The reason being that the more muscular the pec muscles, the more force they will exert on the implants; over time the forces causes them to move to the sides of the body.

Unless you want breasts under your arms, I wouldn’t recommend them.

avoids roids - I don’t WANT to know how they feel.

MAD MAX - She has never weight trained before,so she does not have muscular pecs. I guess I’ll ask her to talk to her physician before we start.

Everyone else - What about if she didn’t train her pecs? Would there be problems with muscle imbalances?

My wife has under the muscle implants. She’s had them for years. She lifts weights regularly and can bench 125% of her bodyweight for 2x12 reps (ie. no apparent effect on pec strength). They look and feel very natural and have not “moved to the outside”.

I would think there wouldn’t be a problem. Most of the female BB’s have unders (looks more real on low bodyfat women)and they obviously work their pecs. Chyna has them although I don’t know if over or under and she seems to be “holding up” LOL

I found some very informative plastic surgeon websites online - not only is it fine for women who weight train (will not go under their pits) it is reccommended for women who keep very low bodyfat. I see no reason why she shouldn’t train - and just as hard as I do.

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I accept my nomination, thank you. do we get fuzzy hats with tassles???

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Michelle, you bring the tassles, and I’ll bring the fuzzy thing :wink:

I’ll get the hats, and your new membership cards out to you shortly. Congrats everyone. As a matter of fact, I think I should join too, after all, I have the nerve to be one of the Gang O Babes. :slight_smile: