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She's Finally Here

This is Giada Celine. She was born Feb 19th at 2 pm after 17 hours of labor. She is 8lbs, 5 oz and 21.5 inches long. I’m completely exhausted but I am home and very happy about that. She’s up all night eating and sleeps all morning long, of course!


I was just looking at your profile today to see when the last time you logged on because you have been quiet lately, I figured you must of finally gone into labor :slight_smile:

Enjoy your baby!

ah sic! She is beautiful and I love the name. I love the hair!


She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!


So, was it the bumpy Jeep ride or the castor oil that done it?

Congratulations. She is beautiful.

congrats, sic. she’s a beauty!


Absolutely darling!!! Look at those beautiful full lips. Congratulations!!!

She’s perfect! Just like her fine mama!

yay, you!

Congrats! She is beautiful.

Her head looks all jacked up. And why is she so red?


And before all the soccer moms go ape shit - I say that to about all the new borns. Why? Because it’s true.

She’s adorable Sic! Great name too.

How long until she starts weight training?? (I think the little pink dumbbells will be OK in this case).


I have to guess after going through 17 hours a labor ANY type of training you start in the future will feel like Childs Play :slight_smile:

again congrats


She looks nothing like me. I want a blood test.

Just kidding (I feel so ghey typing that).


Congratulations, Sic! I have been thinking about you & wondering when you were finally going to have that future Powerful Woman!

The best to your little family!

Congratulations!!! Just about the same stats as my baby girl.


17 HOURS OF LABOR?!?!?! God bless ya!

She is absolutly beautiful Sic…congratualtions. Now, stop posting and get some sleep! :slight_smile:


Congratulations Sic, I would like to offer this to you.

Oh, she’s sooooo cute!!! I was thinking of you these last few days. When you’re ready I’d love to hear all about everything. Congrats! :smiley:

YAY the waiting is over!
What a little beauty, and a gorgeous name too.
I’m glad to hear you are both safe and sound. It was worth the wait.
As soon as you feel up to it, share all the gory details, I want to know more about Crossfit deliveries!

Congrats - she’s beautiful!