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She's Educated, I'm Not, Feel Like She Deserves Better?


Anyone here ever had this problem?

Me and this girl are getting very close but something holding me back is the fact she has degrees coming out of her ears, I only have a high school diploma.

I didn't want to go to college but always feel like those who did will look down on me.

I'm a trainee fireman, something I've wanted to do for years but feel like most girls want a guy who has lots of options career wise?

I'm the only person in my family who didn't go to university which makes me feel more of an outcast


No one cares that you don't have a degree.

Stop being insecure.


x2. Plus a fireman is a honorable profession, a real woman would be attracted to that.


You're willing to run into a burning building to save some stranger's life...

There is exactly zero reason to feel like an outcast because you don't have a piece of paper if you are willing to do that.

Plus degrees don't mean anything, how much is your chick making with those degrees a month post paying loans? That's what matters. 2 Degrees in woman's studies and sociology mean jack and shit if she's pouring coffee for a living.

Love who you love and be with who you want ot be with, worry about the other shit after.


Pretty much this.

You're not some chump looking to milk her for what she's worth - your op seems like you two just like each other. That's all that really matters. Be open and honest with her and I'm sure she'll reciprocate.

Remember, if she didn't want to date you, she wouldn't.



If she thought you were a dead beat she'd dry up and leave town... Kno wwhat I mean?


Get her pregnant so she cant leave. Problem solved. Ill take my $100 now.


Some of the wealthiest people I know are, or have been, firemen. The 24 on, 48 off shifts are conducive to a side business and multiple streams of income is how us regular people get ahead income wise. Anyone who looks down on you because you are "just" a fireman can suck it.


she's way more likely to leave you because you're so insecure rather than because you don't have a degree


Look up sexiest uniforms, when I was in emergency room they were cleaning up on the nurses.


Several of my female friends have PhDs, and every one has told me a story of a guy who ran because he was intimidated by the degree. If you two have a good thing going, don't let her level of education get under your skin. Not everyone needs a college degree to be successful in life.

Besides, it sounds like she doesn't care about your educational level anyways, so you shouldn't worry about it.



There are all kinds of men with women: poor men, rich men, tall men, short men, handsome men, homely men, and so on. You don't need a degree to earn a living, and in some cases, not even to be rich! Who the heck are these people who make such statements as "just a plumber" or "just a laborer" or "just a fireman"? I've never met any. Well, actually I have met one guy who's said things like that, but he was born privileged and can be quite snobby (is that the sort of person you want to go by anyway?). There are tradesmen who make upper-five to six figures per year and most of their time is spent with far more purpose than shifting papers and information to and fro in an air-conditioned office while sitting on one's ass.

Universities for the most part, I believe have people wasting enormous amounts of time and energy, and even though I enjoy my middle-class lifestyle with the profession I have, had I know differently, I don't think I would have wasted my freaking time, money, and energy in them! And from what I gather now, many of them resemble year long sleep-away camps and hotbeds of cultural Marxism and like our public schools, have thoroughly sucked the manhood out of young men!

Besides, firefighting is a man's job, and anyone who works around predominately women, such as myself, can attest that such a condition can drive a man nuts!

I'm working on having a family (you know, getting the work done in the bedroom) and I'd like to have a kid ASAP. Unfortunately there have been some hiccups in this effort (think of what can go wrong with a wife's body). But if I have a boy, though I can't control what a kid will do, I will definitely be steering him in the direction of a trade or firefighting in the future, unless he has some inclination and talent for something like engineering, mathematics, medicine, or perhaps a physical science. NO HEALTHCARE, NO TEACHING!

Many NYC firemen and LEO's have to fight women off with sticks! This hangup is in your head, nowhere else!


In 2013 i had a massive pulmonary embolism, help was their under 8 minutes, at the hospital they told me if didn't get their so fast and got me on oxygen. Would have lasted minutes less than ten, I think firefighters are very under paid, good for lifting also, wouldn't want to have a high rep squat workout the day before they carryed me.


Story of my teenage life :frowning:


I have several degrees (and a bigger penis :rolling_eyes:) but I'd have loved to have gone down the firefighter path.

Firstly, it's sexy as all fuck and secondly the degrees are an indication of my ability to learn and apply myself. These can be demonstrated by other means and say nothing of my smarts, compassion, humour, passion, confidence, social intelligence or kindness.

With that in mind, degrees and penis size are not the be all here and thry definitely dont put you at a disadvantage.


If all your family is pretty well educated, it counts as a positive for you. Like you're from a "good family."

Also, you're kicking it with all kinds of educated people! You probably absorbed some educated people habits, like speaking well and being on time and stuff.


WTF does that have to do with anything? You trippin' man.


People, especially professionals, look down on it(you) when you are late.


For general dating pretty much any stable career will cover you on education/job/money aspects. This is really only a problem when your not quite established and under reach your life goals. She is dating you and expects a fireman, if you dropped out of training or couldn't get a job after then you might have a problem.


Sorry, I was just being a smartass - I'm generally 5 to 10 minutes early for most appointments