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Sheru Classic 2011 !!!! Sept 24th


Olympia is over but there is another big event coming.. and coming fast.. in 6 days.. LOL

The top 5 at the O are all there

I dont think any of these guys did 2 shows so close to one another.. Very curious to see how this will play out

1) Phil Heath - Can he come as sharp as he was at the O ?
2) Jay Cutler - Can he "fix" his bicep and come in peeled
3) Kai Greene - Can he figure a way to get his NY pro conditionning?
4) Victor Martinez - Time for him to get sharper
5) Dennis Wolf - He's already at his best imo.. dont think he can make any adjustments to place him higher


Toney Freeman
Marius Dohne
Varinder Singh Ghuman (India)
Alfonso Del Rio
Michael Kefalianos

Predictions ?


Apart from the nice cash prize, I can see why some of the top guys would do this show

Top 3 gets an O qualification for next year, this can mean a fulkl offseason for someone


My prediction?



Definitely looking forward to seeing what changes competitors can make to their condition in just 1 week.. I'll be checking out the photos. I've not been following pro bodybuilding long enough to make sound predictions.. but I reckon Phil takes it again.. I agree Wolf stays 5th but from 2-4 could change around a little. As it's not the olympia though it will be interesting to see if Jay's position changes (negatively) if everyone looks roughly the same.

Edit: seems like a pretty sweet deal for them as shows go, then


I thought with the new ruling only the winner would get an O qualification or is this show different in that regard?


Thats a really good question, and I dont have the answer.. lol

I think they said it would work like that for all Pro shows except the Arnold right? Im guessing its the same thing for this event.. idk

Or maybe they just didnt change it on the website.. but it would be weird for them and not really good for the show as not many of these guys wouldnt have a good reason to show up right after the O, except maybe 150K $.. lol

Anyways im really curious to see how this affects everyone and what changes can ppl make in 6 days lol



livestream link for those who want to watch

predjudging starting in 9 minutes, going for 3 hours (1h30 am - 4h30 am)

Finals were supposed to be from 9am to 12


From the comments on the play by play

Victor Martinez : Looks a bit better than at the O

Dennis Wolf : Looking very hard, way better than at the O, shawn and flex seem to be impressed


Kai is off.. again.. 85%


Well nvm the off Kai Flex is calling Kai better than at the O on md while Aaron is saying he's off on rx


Jay apparently harder than at the O but bicep is still fucked.

Shawn Flex and Aaron all saying its a tear and its easier to see now


Depending on who is commenting

HEath : As good as the O, a bit better than at the O, he will repeat


1st Call Out:







Phil and Jay pulled out of the callouts, looks like a repeat from the O

Toney, Victor, Kai, Dennis


No stream working sucks, good night.

I predict an exact repeat of the O top 5 with Freeman in 6th




Sucky lighting


Kai and Jay will be battling it out for 2nd-3rd it seems


Backshot of Jay and Phil.... Jay looks better than at the O, but he's not jumping over Phil.



Phil's lower body is getting close to Ronnie's. Dude, needs to release a training video for once that isn't produced by Musclefleck.