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Sherri Papini "Abduction"



Wow! What I wouldn't give to have a 22 day Sexcation!
Kudos to her for pulling this one off. I feel bad for her husband and kids though. Surely they didn't deserve all this.


I know Sherri and used to work with her. It's been really traumatic for her family and close friends.


I'm sure it's been hard on her family. Believing she was abducted by two "Hispanic" women, held for 22 days then released is not something I see as likely.

Chris, do you REALLY know her so well you believe the story regardless of how improbable it is? Men will abduct a beautiful woman and keep her locked in the basement as a sex slave until they've use 'em up. Then they cut the victim's throat and leave the body in the desert. A woman will kidnap a beautiful woman for the purpose of cutting an unborn fetus out of her womb because they want the baby. Women don't just kidnap another woman for kicks.

I could be wrong about this. Statistically there is a chance and, if so, I'll feel bad about posting this but I doubt I'll end up regretting it.


Several people close to me work in anti-trafficking. It is extremely common for trafficked women to work for the person who trafficked them. I believe with a good deal of certainty that she was released because of how much coverage she received. Because of the national attention, the risk of someone recognizing her would be too great.

I understand it seems illogical, but if you've met someone who has been trafficked the psyche is completely rewritten.


Like a real life "Gone Girl" type of thing?

Could be.

I thought that the human trafficking was based on illegals trying to cross and getting snagged up by their coyotes refusing to release them and making them "work off" their debt.

Didn't think it applied to northern California suburban soccer moms. That would be like a basic dope mule stealing enriched uranium. And they didn't steal her phone. Leaving it somewhere that it could be found by a tracking app with a hair sample is almost too perfect, and seems out of character for anything of value to be left behind by people who are willing to rip anything of value from a persons body and inflict harm for gain.


I cracked the case!

The boyfr err err I mean kidnapper is named Cameron Gamble. I was digging around on the topic this morning and found this post on some obscure web forum, posted on the 22nd, by a poster called Olivia.

"With yellow ribbons tied all around where Sherri is believed to have gone missing, the search for Papini continues.

The deadline for whoever abducted Sherri Papini to come forward and claim tens of thousand of dollars in reward money, is Wednesday.

Sherri Papini is the Shasta County women who disappeared almost three weeks ago.

A local Kidnap and Ransom Consultant, Cameron Gamble, said he's 100% convinced she was taken.

Gamble, who's representing the anonymous source who put up the undisclosed amount of money reward, said there has been a twist. If you can reunite Sherri with her family, you can claim the cash.

"Effective immediately, for anybody who can lead us to Sherri, that cash for the ransom is now yours" said Gamble. "We don't care about your background, we don't care about your criminal background, who you are, where you're from, where you're going, it doesn't matter. You can receive a large amount of cash, remain anonymous, and lead us to Sherri" Gamble added.

The deadline for the would be kidnapper to step forward is Wednesday morning. Gamble said there have been no scam attempts and no false leads since the reward offering was first announced.

"Here's the situation; the entire world is now looking for Sherri Papini. That means the entire world is now looking for you. I still remain your best option to get out of this situation, and to get Sherri home. 530-351-2748. There is still time on the clock. Give me a call" said Gamble.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said there are no new developments in his detectives investigation but says his resources are still committed to the case.



Yes Olivia, it is so weird. If law enforcement agencies involved are not looking very hard at this Cameron Gamble person they all need to be fired.

An expiring reward? And then she is home the day after the reward expires? The whole story is definitely not coming together for them.


So, it turns out I was totally wrong about this Cameron Gamble fellow. He has actually trained US Military Special Ops on survival tactics! Bahwahbahaha oh man, I tried to type that with a straight face. So, he's a complete bullshitter, con-artist with a completely bizarre reward for the kidnapped lady. Now, guess where he happens to live, I'll give you 27 guesses.

Nice! You guessed Redding California on your first guess! I'm very proud of you.

"Cameron and Jen Gamble are the founders of Project TAKEN, a unique organization focused on training missionaries and ministries to prevent, survive, and escape hostile situations. They empower missionaries by redefining courage and wisdom in the midst of uncertainty. Cameron?s been training the U.S. Military Special Ops community on survival tactics since shortly after September 11, 2001. Their heart is to impart the same elite training, but with a supernatural approach, for those who dare to pierce the darkness with the light of the Gospel. The Gamble?s work closely with Bethel Missions, BSSM short-term missions, high-risk ministries involved with human trafficking and churches around the world. Additionally, they offer in-country resolution for missionaries and ministries facing serious threats by traveling to the source of the problem in order to bring aid."


Been reading a bit on this. Apparently she had lost 30lbs (down to 87), had her hair shaved, was beaten (incld. broken nose), burned, and cut/tortured.

It appears to be an anti-white race attack.


I heard she was 100 or 105 so it wasn't nearly 30 pounds she lost. The beating, the branding and the broken nose cast less shadow of doubt in my mind than the husband passing the polygraph test.

I find it harder to believe Sherri and that Cameron dude concocted the plan without the husband's knowledge than I do her being willing to go through with a few beatings to make it look real.

Round two goes to it looks like a real abduction. Lets see what round three brings.


There's a whole lotta surreal involved with this story:

“I said, ‘You look like that woman who was abducted here in Redding, are you OK?’” Everson told the Daily Mail. “She never answered me, she didn’t answer yes, she didn’t answer no, she just looked at me. And I said, ‘Are you being held against your will? Do you need me to call 911 right now?’ And again she didn’t answer.”

Still, Everson — who is part of a local anti-sex trafficking coalition — tried to help. ‘Sex trafficking in this area is getting very big, so I was thinking that’s what’s happening here,” she continued. “I said, ‘I’d be willing to meet you in there and we can make arrangements for you if you are being trafficked, or there is a phone number in there and we have safe houses here in Redding.’ She said, ‘Thanks.’ That’s all she said to me and put her head down. Something wasn’t right.”

Eventually, Everson, marketing director of Air Shasta Rotor & Wing in Redding, left the rest stop and called the police. “We left before they left. I gave myself about five minutes down the road before I called the police,” she said. “I gave them the number of the car and a description.”

Who in the world would drive off and wait 5 minutes before calling the police after such an encounter as she just described? I have enough faith in humanity to believe that every single person who reads these words (even Bismark from PWI) would call the police immediately and stay right there with that woman until the police arrived. And that woman is supposedly involved with some kind of anti-sex trafficking group.

Something about this case really brings out the attention whore nut-jobs.


The thing that piques my curiosity is that she was released (alive).

There was one local case where a guy kidnapped a girl and held her captive for like 15 years before she got away. I think she actually just walked away, and turned out to be relatively close to the house she grew up in.

edit: 10 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanya_Nicole_Kach


Branded? Sounds pretty amateur.


I’m not positive Sherri was in on the ‘abduction’ but I’m sure Cameron Gamble was in on it.


That video combined with everything else is creepy beyond belief.

The whole MO reminds me of a guy I used to have contact with. He was always trying to be an akido master and would make all kinds of ridiculous claims about his “training program”, especially for women. Aside from shameless self promotion and the downright creepy desire to dominate other people, he would even try to hurt you in demonstration to show you that with his training you could avoid being hurt.

He ended up pushing it too far in a real mma training facility and got choked out, leaving him in a coma and severely brain damaged.


Dudes are mean where you live!


Sounds like he had it coming. Reminds me of when Gene Lebell choked out Steven Seagal and made him shit his pants.


I can’t necessarily blame them. The dude would always try hypothetical scenarios like “grab my wrist” type stuff, then attempt a joint lock or redirect that was actually extremely dangerous. In a couple of sparring sessions we were doing, he tried to pull a couple of moves and ended up tearing my bicep/pect minor, which was characteristic of his inability to control himself. I almost dumped him on his head on concrete for that but our other sparring partner jumped in mid-throw.

He was just that kind of idiot. You have to be really judicious with joint angles and application of force with some of those maneuvers, and he would over do them every time.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been totally wrong about this case. Chris, sorry for doubting your friend.

I could see Sherri Papini getting over on some local sheriff if she was involved but the FBI has been involved and with phone records and internet activity records the FBI would have gotten to the bottom of it by now. Additionally, what she endured is beyond what I reasonably think someone might be willing to go through with. Reports are she was beaten nearly beyond recognition and in addition to the branding she was inflicted with additional burns. Sherri wasn’t a willing participant.

I also think Cameron Gamble was just a wild card nut-job who inserted himself into the middle of the whole thing. In my opinion he was not involved in the crime.

The motive for this abduction and torture is hard for me to fathom. There’s the theory it was a sex trade abduction. The perpetrators thought she was a teenaged girl jogging along the rural road and grabbed her. When the case blew up with so much publicity they concluded she was too much risk to traffic so they released her.

The problem I have with this is if they were going to traffic her, why cut her hair and beat the shit out of her? Wouldn’t she be more valuable if she looked good?

The only way I can make the sex-trade angle work in my mind is if once they figured out they couldn’t traffic her they were pissed off and took their anger out on her. Punish her for the trouble, punish her for being the pretty blond white girl.

That’s all I can come up with. If it was a date gone bad, internet and phone records would have shown that by now. If it was Gamble trying to drum up business the FBI would have gotten to the bottom of that. If the husband was involved he wouldn’t have passed a lie detector test. Could it have been someone who really just hated her? I doubt it. She’s a stay at home mom and people would have known if there was some kind of feud going on.

By the way, I think her “white supremacist” writings have been pretty well debunked at this point.


Edge appreciate it. I have thoughts I’ll post later, regarding cutting hair, branding and beating.


They would do that stuff so they could break her down, then probably move onto drug injections to get the “hook” in her. I wouldn’t think they would abduct then just start pimping her out. She would probably get away real quick like that.

It would take a little time to have her turn into a slave. I forget the psychology condition, where over time, a person turns sympathetic towards their abductors. Combined with that condition and a drug addiction they would have more control.

Being that she was an adult, I would assume words and threats of harm were not as effective as they would be with a young victim. So, they had to take it up a level.

Just trying to give a theory as to why a trafficking gang would do that.